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376: Santa Anna ANS, 1843 

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Santa Anna ANS, 1843 

ANS, 1843. 1p, 8.5 x 10.75 in., n.p., 13 January 1843. Signed Anto. Lopez Santa Anna. Appears to have been a cover letter accompanying another document.

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was born in Veracruz in 1794 to a respected Spanish family. He joined the military at the age of 16, against his parents' wishes. He became involved in Mexican politics, taking whatever side would benefit him the most. Santa Anna is best known north of the border for his attempt to rein in the rebel department of Texas. And, although he may have won the Alamo, he ultimately lost Texas. Santa Anna was occasionally on the "wrong" side in a political contest and found himself fleeing into exile. By the late 1860s he was living in Staten Island, NY, trying to raise funds to return and take back Mexico City. He is credited with bringing chicle to this country, the basis for chewing gum. He failed, however, to profit from the stuff. He could only see it as a substitute for rubber. A bit more "open thinking," and he might have been able to fund his revolution. But the gentleman assigned to Santa Anna while he was in the United States, Thomas Adams, helped to found the chewing gum industry with Chiclets. 


Folds and minor toning, especially upper left.
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