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Louis Armstrong Handwritten Letters and Signed Photos (1949-60). A fascinating and revealing collection of letters and photos sent by ol' Satchmo himself to a longtime friend named Art L. Jones, Jr. Includes:
(1) 1949 Letter. A fabulous five-page handwritten and signed letter in green ink, 5.5" x 7", with original hand-addressed envelope of transmittal. Written "On Train Enroute to Salt Lake City" and dated January 18, 1949. Armstrong writes, in part, "How Doo Bre'r Jones... Baffled at receiving a letter from ol busy ass me - huh?... I was very very happy to have met your youngster last Sunday at the Club Sihouette with his friends. I could see from the way they were diggin' us that they have Music in their hearts... This is the roughest train I've been on in a Helluva long time...We're on our way to Salt Lake - California and up into Canada, and on down yonder in New Orleans. 'Wow.' Have to get ready for Mardigras day down there. I am gonna be the King of the Zulu's parade. I'll drink nothing by Champagne all day long. I'll be so dog gone 'assified' after the parade Mardigras night I don't see how in the world I am going to be able to play that night. I guess I'll manage some how, I usually do. I'm sure of having a real great time. Everybody's waiting for me with open arms. 'Yassuh.'..." He signs it "Ol Satchmo Louis Armstrong." Interestingly, he was criticized in some circles for him accepting this position in the Mardi Gras parade as it required him appearing in traditional blackface makeup and a grass skirt. Fine condition.
(2) 1960 Letter. A two-page letter in green ink on 7.25" x 10.5" "Satchmo" letterhead, written at the Earl Theatre in Philadelphia, September 2, 1960. Again addressed to "Bre'r Jones," this is basically a personal thank you letter for the recipient's participation in his, "...swell Birthday party. Gee- whatta 'Son of a Gun' that was..." Also, for the great meal served at the party, "...that mighty mello spaghetti with that out of this world sauce. 'Darn' Man - there isn't a place in all 'Italy' that could cut that lady's cooking..." He closes, "Bless you brother from ol Louis Armstrong." Fine condition.
(3) Signed Photo. A 6.75" x 9.25" paper B&W photo removed from a Stagebill for the Ravinia Festival. He has written in green ink, "To Bud, What cha say Man. Hope to see you soon. Louis Armstrong Satchmo." Fair condition with bleedthrough of adhesive from the back.
(4) Diet Instructions. Apparently Armstrong was quite the believer in the use of laxatives to lose weight. Included in this lot is a three-page printed document titled "Lose Weight The 'Satchmo' Way" which touts Swiss Kriss, an herbal laxative. Good condition with weakness at folds, toning, and staining.
(5) Signed Photo. A humorous 5.5" x 4.25" B&W photo showing Armstrong sitting on the commode, smiling and holding a package of Swiss Kriss (and a cigarette). The printed caption reads, "Merry Swiss Kriss It's a Must!" He has written on the front in green ink, "To Jonesy Louis Armstrong Satch," and on the back, "P.S. Leave it All behind 'ya'." Original envelope addressed "To Jonesy" included. Fine condition.

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