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52196: Two Impeccably Provenanced, Bullet Riddled Fence

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Two Impeccably Provenanced, Bullet Riddled Fence Posts, One vertical, One Horizontal From Along The Emmitsburg Road, Gettysburg July 3, 1863, In Place During Pickett's Charge. The vertical post is heavily weathered, 48" long, 7" wide and 3" think although varying in thickness simply because of the way they were originally fabricated. The post is rounded on one face and flat on the other. Pierced with four approx.. 3" X 7" vertical holes for insertion of the horizontals. The piece has been struck by and retains four Minie's bullets and one piece of round shot, likely spherical case. All pieces deeply embedded, absolutely original and in place since the battle and showing considerable oxidation. Accompanying the post is a very old 3/4" X 2 1/4" ink note printed in block letters "Pickett's Charge / Gettysburg, Pa." Absolutely completely original and believed to have been part Shields Museum Gettysburg, which was sold about 30 years ago. The horizontal post is from the famed Zeigler collection of Gettysburg relics. Without question one of the most respected and absolutely impeccably provenance Gettysburg relic collections ever assemble. The post is accompanied by an old typewritten note on a card with the following information "Gettysburg Relic -- Piece of the Rail Fence found along the Emmitsburg Road, scene of Pickett's Charge July 3rd, 1863. This piece of rail fence has been hit four times by minie balls (sic), which are embedded in the fence. This unusual relic relic was recovered from the Battlefield at Gettysburg by William F. Zeigler of Gettysburg in the 1870's; and is from his famous collection. These cards are believed to have been done by Zeigler's family 50-70 years ago when they organized the collection and attached Zeigler's original provenance to each piece. The post is 57" long, varying in thickness and clearly carved by Zeigler to more clearly expose the bullets. All four bullets are visible on one face, clearly the one facing the Union lines. Both pieces are in very sound condition and one of the more remarkable Gettysburg relics we've ever seen.

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