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62: Bronze Tripod Vessel and Cover,China,Warring States

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Chinese Bronze Tripod Vessel and Cover (Ding), China, Warring States Period (475-221 BC). Finely cast with silver inlay and an elaborate whorl motif, the globular body with everted handles, raised on three cabriole legs, the cover with three rings, the whole vessel covered by a malachite and cuprite patina, with earthen encrustations to the interior.

Height: 6.5 inches (16.5 cm).
Width: 8 inches (20 cm).
Weight: 5 LBS (2268 grams).

Provenance: Property from the family of a distinguished gentleman and scholar of Asian Art. Acquired in the early to mid-20th Century in China. (Lots 18A, 51, 62-67, 76-80, 82-86).

For a similar example refer to page 63 of Chinese Antiquities from the Wou Kiuan Collection in the Wou Lien-Pai Museum Catalog.

中國青銅帶蓋鼎,戰國時期(公元前574--公元前221年)。鼎內鑲嵌有銀絲並飾有精細的圓渦紋,鼎呈球形,帶外翻把手,下承三足, 帶彎曲底腳,青銅蓋上有三只鈴鐺。整個青銅鼎覆蓋著孔雀石和銅綠銹蝕,鼎內部亦有土積垢腐蝕。 高: 6.5 英寸 (16.5 厘米)。 寬: 8 英寸(20 厘米)。 重量: 5英鎊 (2268 克)。 出處:該藏品由一位紳士於上世紀二十年代早中期珍藏至今,藏家乃亞洲藝術專家學者。(Lots 18A, 51, 62-65, 67, 76-80, 82-86). 如欲參看類似拍品,請參考吳蓮伯博物館出版之畫冊“Wou Kiuan珍藏中國古代工藝品集”,第63頁,2011年3月31日出版,英國。

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