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4: Marc Chagall - Odyssey II . Ulysses and Euryclea

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Original Lithograph, 1975, on Japan paper signed by the artist in pencil, with full margins Size: Paper size 365 x 540 mms Image size) 400 x 325 mms (15 3/4” x 12 3/4” inches)Edition: 21/30There were also 270 examples on Velin Arches paper.Note: This is part of a large series of Lithographs published for the work “L’Odyssee” by Homer and our piece comes from the Deluxe Edition of this work. Altogether there were 82 Lithograohs in the series. In Greek mythology, Euryclea, or Eurýkleia (also known as Antiphata in other traditions), was the wet-nurse of Odysseus. In the Odyssey, she was the first person to recognize him after he returned home from the Trojan War. After he entered his own house as a guest of Penelope disguised as a beggar, Euryclea bathed him and recognized him by a scar just above his knee, which he had received from a boar while hunting with his grandfather Autolycus. Odysseus stopped her from telling Penelope or anyone else of his true identity. Euryclea also informed Odysseus which of his servant girls had been unfaithful to Penelope during his absence, conspiring with Penelope's suitors and becoming their lovers. He hanged the twelve that Euryclea identified. Later Euryclea helps Penelope confirm that Odysseus has indeed returned. Penelope tells her to move the bed Odysseus built in their marriage-chamber; Odysseus tells Penelope that this is not possible as one of the legs of the bed is built into a live olive tree, a secret that only Odysseus and Penelope know, and Penelope finally accepts him.Published by: Galerie Maeght, Paris, France Printed by: Fernand Mourlot, Paris, France Reference: Charles Sorlier, Chagall Lithographe, (Catalogue Raisonee) Volume VI - Number 811Patrick Cramer “Marc Chagall, Catalogue Raisonee des Livres Illustres” Number 96


Good - Framed in gilded frame

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