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Natural Green Jade Earrings

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Natural Green Jade Earrings - Metal: Yellow Gold Karat: 14K Stone Size: 9.5x12mm Details: ESTATE INTENSE GREEN JADE OVAL STUDS - This Is Grade ‘A’ Jade: Natural, Untreated Jadeite Jade Only Beeswax Is Used To Fill The Stone’S Microscopic Surface Pores -As Has Been Done For Centuries. - Most People Think That Jade Is Only Found In Green, In Fact, It Comes In A Variety Of Colors (And Combinations Of Colors) Other Than Green! - A’ Jade: Natural, Untreated Jadeite Jade Only Beeswax Is Used To Fill The Stone’S Microscopic Surface Pores - As Has Been Done For Centuries The Fascination With Jade Is Legendary. It Has Been Used And Appreciated By The Chinese Since Neolithic Times And Today We Enjoy A Jade Renaissance In The West. However, Many Misconceptions Abound In The Marketplace About This Stone And Its Characteristics. Among The Oldest Of Known Gemstones, Jade Has Been Appreciated At Many Different Levels Throughout History: First As An Object Used In Daily Life, Then In Pagan Times As An Object Of Ritual. Later, It Acquired Economic Status As An Item Of Barter And Wealth, And Today It Has Become A Medium Of Art And Personal Adornment. Jade Refers, Actually, To Two Chemically Different Stones: Jadeite, A Pyroxene Or A Silica-Bearing Mineral, And Nephrite, An Amphibole, Or A Ferro-Magnesium Silicate. Although Different, They Share Many Common Characteristics. The Chinese Were Aware Of The Difference By The Mid-1700'S While, In Europe, The Technical Differences Were First Published In 1863. We Regard Both Forms Simply As "Jade." Nephrite Jade, Which The Chinese Grew To Appreciate So Deeply, Was The Form Of Jade That They First Encountered In The Neolithic Period. When Jadeite Jade Was First Introduced Into China, It Was Called Fet'Sui Or Kingfisher Jade Because Of The Brilliance Of Colors It Manifested And To Distinguish It From The Traditional Nephrite Form Of Jade. In Time, Jadeite Eclipsed Nephrite In Terms Of Value, And Today It Is Considered Gem Jade. Today'S Fine Jewelry Market Uses Jadeite Jade Almost Exclusively; Nephrite Is Generally Valued For Its Antiquity, Carving Excellence And Other Historical Considerations Rather Than Its Intrinsic Material Value. Interestingly Enough, Both The Terms Jadeite And Nephrite Refer To The Kidneys Because Of Early Beliefs That Jade Was Effective For Diseases Of The Loins. Apart From Its Technical Aspects, However, There Is A Magic About The Stone That Inspired Cultures As Diverse As The Chinese, The Mayans, Even The Court Of Czarist Russia. Its Charms Elude Precise Definition; Jade Reveals Itself In The Language Of Myth And Legend.

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