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(Hester Lynch, formerly Thrale, née Salusbury, fri

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(Hester Lynch, formerly Thrale, née Salusbury, friend of Dr Johnson, author, 1741-1821) 14 Autograph Letters signed "HL Piozzi" and "HLP", 13 to Jacob Weston and 1 to Peter Giles (11 with address panels to Jacob Weston and 1 to Peter Giles), mostly in third person, together 38pp., sm. 4to, some remains of red wax seals, Brynbella [Tremeirchion, near St Asaph], Denbeigh & Shrewsbury, 5th November 1798 - 29th November 1799 (many dates from postmarks), on various business matters etc., "Mr. & Mrs. Piozzi hope all goes well at Old Streatham Park. Pray make our Coms: to Mr. Giles, & cut no Trees without letting us know, and give us an Acc.t of what have been cut"; Gabriel Piozzi, "My poor Master lies in Miss Thrale's Room not able at all to move hand or foot"; servants, "Things are very bad in the Stable, our young Man Thomas made a good servant but he is a very bad Master indeed... lies in Bed till 8 or 9 o'clock and locks the Door, so that he and the Horses and all are spoiling"; their coach horses Rat and Mole, "Pray do not starve my pretty Rat & Mole... Poor Mole met with a sad Accident a Fortnight ago, he leaped over the Pole with one Hind Leg, and hurt his Belly, & inside of his Thigh", taxes, "I suppose the Receipt for the Assess'd Taxes is to serve as a Certificate that they have been paid; but we do not know when they began to be charged"; Peter Giles at Streatham Park, thanking him for an invitation to stay and commenting on a function Giles held at the house, "I am glad old Streatham Park shone away so brilliantly..."; ; the Irish Rebellion of 1798, "... because of the Irish Families who run hither in whole Troops to shelter from the cruel Rebels who cut in Pieces every one that will not wear a Green Ribbon"; the prospect of a French invasion of Wales, "... I suppose there is talk enough of the French. We are to have ten Thousand Soldiers to guard the Welsh Coast... & be ready for sending over to Ireland"; living in Wales, "We are very fond of Wales and you never saw such a sweet place as my Master has made here"; ?a visit to the Ladies of Llangollen, "We go to Bath next Monday - that is we set out for Bath, but we go first to see those Ladies that live in the nice Cottage you remember", 1 letter cut at tail with possible loss, numerous tears, some where opened, others tears along folds, browned, v.s., v.d. "Farewell & believe me your Friend H:L: Piozzi."

***Unpublished. Not in Bloom & Bloom, The Piozzi Letters: Correspondence of Hester Lynch Piozzi, 1784-1821..., vol. 2. 1792-1798 & vol. 3, 1799-1804, Newark, University of Delaware Press, 1991 & 1993; but with reference in vol. I, Introduction, p. 17..

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