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49: Frankie Avalon Original Loan-Out Agreements

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Frankie Avalon Original Loan-Out Agreements a. This is a Loan-Out Agreement between Fantone Music and Dick Clark Concerts for Frankie Avalon. One of the many aspects unknown to the general public regarding the nature of entertainment engagements is that often artists have exclusivity arrangements with a particular firm. Indeed many prominent artists developed their own companies, banking on their celebrity as assets. This contract represents one such instance in which Frankie Avalon president of Fantone Music agrees to such an engagement. Frankie Avalon legibly signed the document authorizing his participation with Dick Clark Concerts in blue ink. b. This is an Inducement letter regarding a loan-out agreement signed by Frankie Avalon. This letter details a consideration for the conditions under which Frankie Avalon, as an artistic entity and intellectual property, would be loaned to Dick Clark Concerts. This document is boldly signed by the artist in blue ink. Estimate GBP200-250 USD400-500

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