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Are you ready for the race of your life?  This thoroughbred and jockeyare on a mission to win first place. In full stride this horse gallopshis way to a fast finish. Running on a grass track this horse refusesto lose this derby. He exerts full speed as he pushes against thewind, his tail fly’s back with force, as the jockey encourages hispartner to go full speed ahead. The jockey and the Horse both wear alook of determination as they stare down the finish line.  The Horselets out a neigh while pushing himself to the limit. Beautifullydetailed his muscles are hard as he runs, his chest bulges withenergy. The grass seems to be untouched with hoof prints assuming ourhorse has the lead. The jockey stays concentrated as he kicks hisheels inward, keeping his feet in the stirrups. This is a great actionpiece and deserves to be displayed up front and center on a glorywall.  This is a great gift to give for an avid horse lover it is alsosuitable for the person with drive in their life and is signed by Artist Milo.Below is information about Thoroughbreds:The Thoroughbred is a horse breed best known for its use in horseracing. Although the word "thoroughbred" is sometimes used to refer toany breed of purebred horse, it technically refers only to theThoroughbred breed. Thoroughbreds are considered a "hot-blooded"horse, known for their agility, speed and spirit.The Thoroughbred as it is known today was first developed in 17th and18th century England, when native mares were crossbred with importedArabian stallions. All modern Thoroughbreds can trace their pedigreesto three stallions originally imported into England in the 1600s and1700s, and to 74 foundation mares of English and Oriental (Arabian orBarb) blood. During the 1700s and 1800s, the Thoroughbred breed spreadthroughout the world; they were imported into North America startingin 1730 and into Australia, Europe, Japan and South America during the1800s. Millions of Thoroughbreds exist worldwide today, with over118,000 foals registered each year worldwide.Thoroughbreds are used mainly for racing, but are also bred for otherriding disciplines, such as show jumping, combined training, dressage,polo, and fox hunting. They are also commonly cross-bred with otherbreeds to create new breeds or to improve existing ones, and have beeninfluential in the creation of many important breeds, such as theQuarter Horse, the Standard bred, the Anglo-Arabian, and various Warmblood breeds. _x000D_
Condition: This sculpture is in very Good condition. Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base:Height 9" x Width 12" Marble Dimensions: 11" X 3" Height without base: 8" Weight : 8 LBS Inventory : 1440B02441 _x000D_


This item is in great condition.

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Jockey on Racehorse "After the Race" signed

Estimate $598 - $1,197Oct 13, 2018
1279 W Palmetto Park Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33486
United States
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