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* 33 Books Pertaining to Classic Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy
Max Loehr, The Great Painters of China, 1980; The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Winter 2001; Shane McCausland, ed., Gu Kaizhi and the Admonitions Scroll, 2003; Willow Wei Lan Hai Chang, Passion for the Mountains: Seventeenth Century Landscape Painting from the Nanjing Museum, 2003; Liao Pin, ed., Yongle Palace Murals, 1997; Willow Hai Chang, ed., Exquisite Moments: West Lake and Southern Song Art, 2001; Jonathon Chaves, The Chinese Painter as Poet, 2000; D. Page Shaver, ed., The Life of a Patron: Zhou Lianggong (1612-1672) and the Painters of Seventeenth Century China, 1997; Maggie Bickford, Bones of Jade, Soul of Ice: The Flowering Plum in Chinese Art, 1985; Rene Grousset, Art of the Far East: Landscapes, Flowers, Animals, 1939; Mai-mai Sze, The Tao of Painting: A Study of the Ritual Disposition of Chinese Painting, 1956; Tseng Yuho, A History of Chinese Calligraphy, 1993; Tseng Yuho Ecke, Poetry on the Wind, 1981; Na Chih-liang, The Emperor's Procession: Two Scrolls of the Ming Dynasty, 1970; Joseph Veldich, The Ten Bamboo Studio: A Chinese Masterpiece, 1979; James Cahill, Pictures for Use and Pleasure, 2010; Abe Capek, Chinese Stone Pictures, 1962; Roger Goepper, The Essence of Chinese Painting, 1963; Ju-hsi Chou, Phoenix Art Museum, Scent of Ink: The Roy and Marilyn Papp Collection of Chinese Painting, 1994; Ju-hsi Chou and Claudia Brown, Phoenix Art Museum, Heritage of the Brush: The Roy and Marilyn Papp Collection of Chinese Painting, 1989; Ju Hsi-Chou, Phoenix Art Museum, Journeys on Paper and Silk: The Roy and Marilyn Papp Collection of Chinese Painting, 1989; Alfreda Murck, Poetry and Painting in Song China: the Subtle Art of Dissent, 2000; Jean Francois Billeter, The Chinese Art of Writing, 1990; Wen Fong, Sung and Yuan Paintings, 1973; Susan Bush, The Chinese Literati on Painting: Su Shih (1037-1101) to Tung Ch'i-ch'ang (1555-1636), 1971; Wu Hung, The Double Screen: Medium and Representation in Chinese Painting, 1996; Eli Lancman, Chinese Portraiture, 1966; C.C. Wang, The Chinese Institute in America, Album Leaves from the Sung and Yuan Dynasties, 1970; Henry Trubner and Hsia-yen Shih, Individualists and Eccentrics: The Finlayson Collection of Chinese Paintings, 1963; Sherman E. Lee, Chinese Landscape Painting, 1977.
Estimate $300-500
Property from the Estate of William Lipton, New York, New York


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* 33 Books Pertaining to Classic Chinese Paintings and

Estimate $300 - $500Dec 11, 2018