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403: The Who Fiddle About by John Davis, Original

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Fiddle About by John Davis, an original painting commissioned by Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend for the Book ' A Decade of The Who' . Davis visualises the disturbing but comical scene from the film in a more serious melancholy way with this outstanding art work. Keith Moon played Uncle Ernie in the film but there are no perverted parodies in the work, Moon is shown as the only figure in the painting hovering over the disturbed bedsheets of Tommy's bed. The broken flower symbolic of the deed that the wicked uncle has committed and two isolated hands offer drops of water in a futile attempt to bring back what is now gone. A compass foretells another significant movement in the direction of Tommy's life. Measuring approx 23x33" Framed and Glazed. Note this Lot is offered for sale only on the condition that LOT 402 has not previously sold. Lot 402 is the complete collection of paintings by John Davis sold as one lot.

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