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85219: Just Another Blonde (First National, 1926). Inse

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Just Another Blonde (First National, 1926). Insert (14" X 36").
Gamblers Jimmy and Scotty (Jack Mulhall and William Collier Jr.) decide to give up their licentious ways and go straight, also agreeing to share everything, as befits the very best of friends. That pact is put to the test, however, when Scotty falls for popular dance hall hostess Jeanne Cavanaugh (Dorothy Mackaill), leaving woman-hating Jimmy out in the cold. Fortunately, he sets his eyes on the lovely Diana O'Sullivan (Louise Brooks, in an early role), and everything ends happily. The beautiful insert offered here had a tear extending from the left side to the poster's center, small holes and tears in the image area, fold wear, and tears at the borders, but expert professional restoration has rendered these slight flaws virtually invisible. A rare gem, sure to be the centerpoint of some fine collection. Very Good/Fine on Paper.

Shipping: Movie Poster - Rolled

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Lot: 85219

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