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汉-唐时期的武士站立陶俑:尺寸较大:高度达36cm. 他的脸部非常有特点,完全是一副唐代西域的胡人武士的相貌。全身披甲,威武雄壮。整体造型非常有气势,特点。这件武士陶俑的雕像极具历史文化价值,收藏价值,较为罕见,珍贵。资料:汉朝是中国历史上继秦朝之后的又一个大一统王朝,主要分为西汉和东汉时期,一共诞生了29位皇帝,享国四百零七年,是中国历史上最强盛的时代之一。而华夏族自汉朝之后就被称为汉族,因为汉朝是中国发展历史上的第一个黄金时期,在这一时期得名。陶俑的发现,使古人的姿容、风尚和习俗立体而又清晰地呈现在我们眼前,使今天的我们按捺不住好奇,去探寻古人的秘密,想象古人的风貌。出土的各时期陶俑,真实反映了各时期历史文化和艺术。陶俑类别包括杂技、乐舞、侍者、文官、武士、天王、镇墓兽等,可谓数量众多,精品荟萃。 洛阳在唐代是陆上丝绸之路的起点,包含有部分丝路题材的胡人俑、骆驼俑等精品文物。很多展品出自洛阳安菩墓,如镇墓兽、天王俑等。安菩是西域人,安菩墓指的是唐定远将军安菩与其妻何氏的合葬墓,是洛阳发现的为数不多的一座保存完整的古墓。为什么陶俑中有许多胡人造型?因为唐代时期丝路更加畅通,洛阳居住着大量外国人。胡人、骆驼、西域良马都是唐代匠师表现的对象。无论数量还是艺术价值,都达到了顶峰。----------------------------------------------------------------- Warriors of the Han and Tang dynasties standing pottery figure: larger size: up to 36cm high. His face is very characteristic, which is completely the appearance of a barbarian warrior in the western regions of the Tang dynasty. Full body armor, majestic. Overall modeling is very imposing, characteristic. This terra-cotta warrior statue is of great historical and cultural value and worth collecting. It is rare and precious.Data: Han dynasty is another great unified dynasty after Qin dynasty in Chinese history, mainly divided into western Han dynasty and eastern Han dynasty. There were 29 emperors born in total, and it lasted 407 years, which was one of the most powerful periods in Chinese history. And the huaxia has been called the Han since the Han dynasty, because the Han dynasty was the first golden period in the history of China's development, which was named in this period. The discovery of terra-cotta figures has brought the beauty, fashion and customs of ancient people to our eyes in a three-dimensional and clear way, making us unable to resist our curiosity to explore the secrets of ancient people and imagine their features. The terracotta figures unearthed in each period truly reflect the history, culture and art of each period. The categories of terracotta figures include acrobatics, music and dance, waiters, civil officials, warriors, heavenly Kings, tomb guarding beasts, etc., which are numerous and exquisite. Luoyang was the starting point of the land silk road in the Tang dynasty, and it contains some fine cultural relics such as the terra-cotta warriors and camels with the theme of the silk road. Many of the exhibits are from anpu tomb in luoyang, such as tomb guarding beasts and Terra Cotta Warriors. Anpu is a native of western regions. Anpu tomb refers to the joint burial tomb of anpu, general of Tang dingyuan, and his wife he's family. It is one of the few ancient tombs found in luoyang with complete preservation. Why are there so many barbarians in the pottery figures? Because the silk road was more open during the Tang dynasty, luoyang was home to a large number of foreigners. The barbarians, camels and fine horses in the western regions were all the objects of the craftsmen in the Tang dynasty. Both quantity and artistic value have reached their peak.


Good condition. Age discolored, natural inclusions. Take all pictures at daylight source. 状况报告:状况良好,年久变色, 有自然夹杂物. 所有拍摄在自然光源下.

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Han and Tang dynasties standing pottery figure

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