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400: Alice White Animated Character Harold Teen 1928

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DIRECT FROM ALICE WHITE'S PERSONAL COLLECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS. Alice White was a secretary and script supervisor until Charlie Chaplin placed her in front of the camera. Her career spanned from the late 1920's through the late 1950's. This B&W still production photo is now confirmed as being from the 1928 Silent Film, Harold Teen. The film is derived from the long standing comic strip which debuted in the New York Daily News in February 1919. One of the writers of this 1928 film was none other than Mr. Carl Ed, Writer and Cartoonist. The questions which remain as mysteries are: (1) Who is DickF?; (2) Who drew this Animated Character?; and (3) When/What Year was this Animated Character drawn? Attempts to authentic the character drawing are still under way. Please continue to participate in the Poll on our website by submitting who you feel this character is. Every entry with the exception of two have all stated the same animated character name; although the two different character name submissions are from the same film!

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