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G. Azoulay Signed Etching Youth w/ Remarque Cat Art

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This is an etching by artist Guillaume Azoulay, portraying a cat or kitten. Called simply "Youth," this piece shows a kitten's head in detailed lines that become quite abstract. It is a special print, because it has a remarque in the margin, portraying the full body of a cat.

  • Artist: Guillaume Azoulay
  • Title: "Youth", marked in pencil, lower left
  • Medium: Etching on paper
  • Signature: Signed by the artist in pencil, lower right
  • Edition: Numbered 32/100 in pencil, lower left; Master cancelled
  • Year: 2006, noted in pencil, lower left
  • Sheet size: 20 x 26 inches
  • Condition: Excellent; note- this print has been stored rolled
  • Certificate of Authenticity: From Fine Art Showcase

    This is a sensitive and detailed portrayal of a young kitten, and this edition with remarque is meant for true Azoulay collectors.

    Guillaume Azoulay (Morocco, b. 1949) is a self taught artist who began selling his artwork by the age of thirteen. His style developed into one of impeccable detail and fluid forms. He treats forms as undulating landscapes, while light is translated as beams. He has since held major exhibits in Rome, Copenhagen, Monte Carlo, Reno, Paris, Tel-Aviv and many other cities. In 1978 two of his works were accepted into the permanent collection of the Louvre Museum in Paris, making the self-taught artist the youngest artist to be accepted in the permanent archives of that prestigious museum. His works are found in the collections of former President Ronald Reagan, Francois Mitterand, the late Anwar Sadat, King Hassan II of Morocco, the late Prince Rainier and Prince Karim Aga Khan.

    * According to "Remarque - In printmaking, most often in etchings, a sketch originally made by the artist on the margin of the plate to test the tools before immersing the entire plate in the acid bath. Because such remarques were originally intended to be scraped or burnished away before the final edition of the plate is printed, a print with a remarque is often called a remarque proof. In the nineteenth century such remarques came to be so valued that they were often retained as part of the finished print. The subjects of these little drawings typically relate in some way to the larger image."

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