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629: Apollo 15 Flown Portable Life Support System Cord

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Apollo Flown Portable Life Support System Cord Used by David Scott on the Lunar Surface. Actual cable used by Dave Scott to connect his space suit to his Personal Life Support System (PLSS) during his EVA's onto the lunar surface. The PLSS contained everything they needed to survive a main oxygen tank (with enough to last seven hours on the surface) covered by gray metal plating as well as two smaller emergency tanks. The horizontal cylinder above the oxygen tank is the carbon dioxide filter, which used lithium hydroxide to filter the oxygen the astronauts exhaled. The rest of the PLSS system is comprised of pumps for air, water coolant, and the radio. Two 16.8 volt batteries provided the electrical power for the unit. This (17") cable includes the connector, which bears the following ID numbers "ASSY 9046 SN 444". Upon his return for the Moon, Scott was allowed to keep this cable as a memento of his mission; it has been in his personal collection since that time. An outstanding piece of hardware that was literally a life-line for Scott. Extremely rare.

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