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278: Archive of the SS file death of POW son of Stalin

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A-20 Archive of the SS file on the death of POW Jakob Djugaschwili, the son of Joseph Stalin. Includes: (1) Original letter on "Der Reichsfuhrer-SS" letterhead to Ribbentrop and signed in ink "H. Himmler". Contents concern an enclosed report on the death of Stalin's son "who was shot during an escape attempt at the Special Prison Camp A in Sachsenhausen near Oranienburg". (2) Typed report of the six prisoners, including Stalin's son, who were held in "Gruppe C". Dated April 17, 1943, it is pointed out that tension existed between Stalin's son and another Russian named Kokodin and British prisoners. An emphasis is placed on the irregular behavior of the Djugaschwili prior to his attempted escape and death. Himmler signed green pencil "HH" appear in the upper right corner. (3) Witness "report of interrogation" of SS-Unterscharfuhrer Jungling confirming the events leading up to the shooting of Djugaschwili. Ink signed by Unterscharfuhrer and SS Court Official "D. Schmitz". (4) Testimony of SS-Rottenfuhrer Harfich, the sentry who shot Djugaschwili. According to Harfich, the prisoner taunted him to shoot while walking through the "neutral zone" toward the wire. Ink signed by the SS Court Official "D. Schmitz". (5) Four-page typed report on the questioning of fellow prisoner British Staff Sergeant Thomas Cushing. An interesting, in depth presentation of the different personalities/war views/politics and camp life conflicts between the Soviet and British prisoners. Signed by "D. Schmitz". (6) Testimony of Soviet POW Kokorin, a friend of Djugaschwili. Besides his hostilities with Cushing, Kokorin stated that "D. wanted to go back to Lubeck…" (POW Camp) and that "…he could not return to Russia since he did not come to Germany as a prisoner of war but that he had defected". Signed "D./ Schmitz". (7) Typed statement dated "14. IV. 43" by Soviet POW Lt. Kokozyn outlining the conflicts regarding maters of hygiene and demeaning treatment from the British POW's. (8) Addenda typed statement dated "15. IV. 43" by Lt. Kokozyn centering on British Cushing's claims that he, Kokozyn, was a Gestapo spy. Besides the specifics of this claim, the supposed statements by Stalin's son may point to a naïve unrealistic individual. Perhaps Kokozyn was telling his interrogators what they wanted to hear. (9) Typed report from the Unit Physician of the SS-Totenkopf Guard Battalion to the Commander (SS Gruppenfuhrer Richard Glueks) of Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen-Oranienburg. Examination of the body showed that death was caused by "trauma to the brain stem and to the cerebrum" - by "… a shot to the head". Ink signed by the Bureau's Secretary SS-Untersturmfuhrer "Loys". (10) Eight original photos, all different views, of the body of Stalin's son laying on the barbed wire fencing. Two, each mounted on a hardstock page, stamped "Geheime Reichssache". All file copy documents are red ink stamped "Geheim Reichssache", have a full English translation and are mounted in clear plastic pages. With a professional made swirl designs cover/box with a black spine and title label with gilt lettering "HIMMLER - REPORT TO VON RIBBENTROP". A rare historical insight into a little known important aspect of WWII which may have added to Soviet treatment of German POW's. I


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