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92218: John Romita Sr. Amazing Spider-Man #49 Kraven an

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John Romita Sr. Amazing Spider-Man #49 Kraven and Vulture Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1967). Hold onto your web-spinners Spider-Man fans -- this is one eye-popping display piece, showcasing John Romita Sr. at the height of his talent -- it's not just a cool cover, it's a priceless piece of Silver Age Marvel lore. This dynamic "twice-up" cover spotlights the deadly dual menace of Kraven the Hunter and the Vulture. This is only the second Romita Sr. Spider-Man cover from this era we have offered to date. Any Spider-fan who bought this issue off the spinner-rack has this iconic scene firmly fixed in his memory. It's worth noting this was only John Romita Sr.'s eleventh cover for the title -- Jazzy Johnny was already making his own classy contribution to the sterling legacy left behind by Sturdy Steve Ditko -- and for Marvelites, it doesn't get much better than this. The image area of this cover scene to "From the Depths of Defeat" measures 13.25" x 20.25". The art is in Very Good condition, with some overall paper aging that has little effect on the overwhelming power of the image. John Romita signed the page at the lower right.

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