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6: JOHN HANCOCK, Appointment Minuteman ABEL BOYNTON

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Historic "John Hancock" Signed Massachusetts Military Appointment of Minuteman "ABEL BOYNTON" as Captain As Featured on the History Channel Show "Pawn Stars"
JOHN HANCOCK (1737 - 1793). Prominent Colonial Boston Merchant, Patriot of the American Revolution, served as President of the Second Continental Congress, both the First & Third Governor of the State of Massachusetts, First Signer of the United States Declaration of Independence, the term "John Hancock" became a synonym for "signature."
September 17th, 1787-Dated, Partially-Printed Document Signed, "John Hancock" as Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Custom Framed, Choice Very Fine. This Commission is made to "Abel Boynton" as Captain of his own "Company in Arms, both Inferior Officers and Soldiers, to keep them in good Order and Discipline...". This very special document is exceeding rare, important and historic for not only being Signed by"John Hancock," but even more so for the person to whom it is made out! Abel Boynton served from the first moments of the American Revolutionary War as a "Minute Man" at the Concord Bridge on the fateful morning of April 19th, 1775. Boynton enlisted and served as a Massachusetts Continental Army soldier throughout the entire course of the Revolutionary War, until being discharged in 1783 after the War's end. He was present at the Battle of Bunker Hill and numerous engagements throughout the war, serving under General George Washington as Commanding General of the American Army. One of a very few soldiers who served from the very first day of the American Revolution, surviving and remaining as a soldier until its end. (See additional information on our auction website.)This very impressive Military Commission measures about 12" x 14" (by sight) is boldly printed upon very clean laid period paper, having only some faint tone about the manuscript portions. This fine document has been professionally matted and beautifully custom framed with an image of John Hancock as Governor to its left, to an overall size of 18.75" x 27.25" for display. It is boldly headed with text "John Hancock. Esq." with all of the black printed text being dark and sharp, with traces of original press text embossing retained within the paper. The manuscript portions are very deep brown with only a few words lighter as the quill pen's ink thinned. The large and impressive 3.5" long signature "John Hancock" is at left, below the large, fully intact, embossed paper and wax seal of Massachusetts. It is further Signed by "John Avery" as Secretary, at bottom.Abel Boynton was one of the very first few heroic residents to be called out as a "Minute man" with other citizens of Westford, MA. and adjoining towns, on the occasion of the "Lexington Alarm" in the early hours of April 19th, 1775. On the morning of April 19th, 1775, the famous day of the "Shot Heard Round The World" at Lexington Green, he fought with his militia unit against the British Army at the Concord Bridge. As listed on page 107, Middlesex ss. Dec 16, 1775: "The within named Timothy Underwood made solemn oath to the truth of the within Muster Roll. Before me, Moses Gill, Justice of the Peace through the Province." Also; "Capt. Bate's Company -- A List of the Travel and service of Capt. Oliver Bates of Westford in the County of Middlesex and the men under him, belonging to the Regiment of Militia whereof James Prescott, Esq., is Colonel who, in consequence of the Alarm made on the 19th of April 1775, marched from home for the Defence of this Colony against the Ministerial Troops". The muster roll officially lists "Abel Boynton" present, as a Private.
Subject: Westford, MA at the Battle of Bunker HillSource: History of the Town of Westford in the County of Middlesex, Massachusetts 1659 - 1883. by Rev. Edwin R. Hodgman, A. M. Lowell, Mass: Morning Mail Company, Printers - 1883 p.110 The Battle of Bunker Hill In this battle, as well as in the struggle at Concord Bridge, Colonel Robinson participated. He was then in Prescott's Regiment, which occupied the redoubt. A tall man, of commanding presence, he stood in the front, "in shape and gesture proudly eminent," exposed to instant death, yet doing his duty; now leaping upon the parapet, a target for the advancing foe, and now reconnoitering, with the ill fated McClary, the position of the enemy to find the best way of repelling his per- sistent attacks; showing himself everywhere the efficient officer and the strong-hearted man. In the list of companies in this battle, there is given one of which Joshua Parker was captain, Amaziah Fassett, first lieutenant, and Thomas Rogers, second lieutenant. Parker and Rogers were from Westford, and Fassett was born here, but was then a resident of Groton. Parker was a sergeant in Captain Underwood's Company, and Rogers held the same rank in Captain Bate's Company, at Concord Bridge. Fassett was taken prisoner at Bunker Hill and died in Boston July, 1775. The following is the muster-roll of Captain Parker's Company, including only the names of Westford men. They were in Col. William Prescott's Regiment: Listed is Abel Boynton, who's official date of enlistment as a Continental Soldier is recorded as May 5th, 1775.

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