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1: Battlestar Galactica Original Series Gold Cylon

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Production Description:
Gold Cylon Centurion from the original Battlestar Galactica. Pieces of this item were screen used in the television series and were also re used in the Battlestar Galactica theme ride. This costume features a screen used Cylon helmet with backpack unit. The helmet features replica electronics in the form of a sweeping red eye. The main black undersuit, chest piece, shoulder bells, gauntlets, belt, gold leg pieces and boots are all replicas, made by production for use in the Battlestar Galactica theme ride. This costume also features screen used gloves and a replica gold chain mail back skirt.
Technical Description:
Black two piece jumpsuit made from a cotton poly blend with black plastic ribbing around the waist, arms and neck, and black plastic paneling on the thighs and shoulder area. Top and bottom parts of the jumpsuit are held together with black straps. No size information is available. Item features a black plastic belt with square weights and a control box with electronic components inside. Control box features burn damage on the lower left area, and belt features a Velcro back with seven vacuformed, gold metalized square details on the front. Included are vacuformed leg pieces, arm pieces, shoulder bells and gauntlets that are gold metalized, gauntlets feature white, red and black decals for small detailing. Item also features a vacuformed chest plate with three vacuformed strapped pieces to hold it on with Velcro attachments, all are gold metalized. Included is a gold metalized vacuformed backpack unit with small intricate details on the back, with a section that goes over the head and around the neck to hold it in place. Included is a gold metalized vauformed helmet. Helmet is made from two half sections placed together with black details on the front and sequencing red LED's on the eye section that are in working order. The gauntlets, arm pieces and leg pieces are all held together with a gold reflective tape on the seams. Item shows signs of wear in the form of small micro cracks in the gold plating and scuff marks from production use. Item also features a pair of black leather boots with gold paint details, and a pair of black sports gloves with production placed gold trim. Included is a gold metal chain mail skirt, and a roll of reflective gold tape for the seams of the vacuform.

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