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Quality First

John Moran Auctioneers is dedicated to the approach of providing a unique level of attention and service to individuals, trustees and executors seeking appraisal and disposition of fine art, antiques, quality furnishings and jewelry. Our firm is ideally structured to serve as your single resource whether the need is the sale of an entire estate, a personal collection, life transition or coordinated downsizing (in a single step or in as many phases as you require). We take pride in offering sensitive, personal attention to the many needs of our clients which arise with the disposition of family property. This has inspired a broad range of personal and "concierge" services to ensure that each and every step of a sale is addressed to your satisfaction.
The reputation of John Moran Auctioneers is strongly established as a result of unsurpassed attention to the needs of our sellers - and buyers alike. It is our firm belief that both participants in a sale are best served if each is well served.


We are a family-owned and family-operated business founded in 1970. John Moran personally conducts each of the 14 or more auctions the firm presents each year; his son Jeff Moran supervises daily operations and manages the many staff members who inventory, transport, warehouse and help display for bidding each piece consigned to our care.
While we employ a sizable staff to ensure the highest level of attention, all business dealings are conducted directly with John or Jeff Moran. From start to finish you will deal exclusively with the firm's owners, who will be present and supervise all elements of your transaction and sale.
During the past three decades John Moran Auctioneers has conducted hundreds of successful auctions, including large estates, private and corporate collections and California and American art works - frequently realizing record prices for our clients.
Our many years of experience allow us to maintain the ability to fully serve both sizable estate consignments as well as individuals with a single item of personal or intrinsic value.

Total Sales Support

Each John Moran Auction is the focus of a total sales support effort. Multi-media marketing is employed to ensure that all consignment items are presented to a large, receptive audience - which has been afforded every convenience and comfort, so they may review sales items, background and provenance, bid and buy with ease.
Interactive website -
Color brochures detailing each sale are mailed to an extensive group of previous auction participants and interested bidders.
Each sale is preceded by substantial print-media advertising in major publications.
Large mailing lists are maintained and updated from scores of successful auctions, ensuring a sizable motivated audience.
Telephone and absentee bidding is encouraged to allow buyers from throughout the nation and the world to participate in our sales. Buyers at the auction site are afforded a wide range of amenities, establishing a mood which encourages generous bidding:

Comfortable seating.
Air conditioned atmosphere.
Cocktail / Cappuccino bar.
Unlimited covered parking.

Special Services

In addition to the scores of professional services we provide as part of our overall approach to the auction sale process, there are many additional "concierge" level elements which we would be happy to coordinate for you. Downsizing or the disposition of an estate often entail the need for: Packing and shipping of bequeathed items to out-of-state heirs.
Appraisal of various items to establish their value as charity donations.
Referral to secondary sales outlets (for items more appropriate in a non-auction setting). The conservation or restoration of fine art pieces or antique paintings. Picture framing or re-framing. House cleaning and disposal services. Our many years of involvement with trustees and executors have provided us with knowledge of the finest providers of support services - which we will be happy to coordinate or refer to you.


It is our commitment to provide the highest possible level of service surpassing both your expectations and that which is offered by any other firm. This attitude will be evident from our first meeting through the satisfactory culmination of all details of your sale. A few of the innovations we employ to ensure your total satisfaction:
A full, computer-generated inventory will be provided to you on-site as we prepare your items for transportation to our warehouse. Our staff of uniformed employees will carefully pack and load your items into our custom-equipped vans, which are specially fitted to safely transport antique furnishings and fine art. All drayage and fine arts packing of fragiles is included as part of our overall service. Your items will be stored prior to auction in our secure, carpeted, temperature controlled warehouse.
Bidder convenience is stressed - encouraging larger audiences and higher prices: We present your pieces for viewing on the day of the auction - making it convenient for bidders to review and buy in a single visit.And, for your financial ease we utilize an inclusive commission rate - which includes all of the major services we offer.

Why Select John Moran?

Selecting a firm to handle the appraisal and disposition of an estate, collection, treasured piece of furniture or fine art should be based upon careful consideration. We feel there are many reasons that your choice should be John Moran Auctioneers:
A fine reputation established by three decades as premiere auctioneers of high-quality items.

Computer-generated on-site inventory of all consignment items.
Personal involvement of company owners in all business transactions.
Bonded, licensed and insured.
A sizable, well-trained professional staff.
High level of attention to all details of our client's needs.
Special services for sellers and buyers alike.
Total sales support

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