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Hello and Welcome to New England Toy Train Exchange. We are a growing auction company with a recognized professional staff that has nearly 40 years combined experience in the toy train field. We possess an extensive knowledge of toy train manufacturers as well as train variations. This enables us to provide you with expert and reliable advise for grading and valuing your collection.

Whether through public auction of an entire collection or the placing of a few choice pieces, New England Toy Train Exchange will be your first choice for integrity, honesty and professionalism. When it comes to selling your collection we have the resources, knowledge and marketing experience to attract buyers who are eager to participate in the auctions we manage.

Our services are tailored to fit your needs, depending on the quality of your trains. If you have a high grade collection, than an aggressive ad campaign will be incorporated including International advertising, Full-color catalog designed by our Art Director, and a flyer sent to our extensive mailing lists. Your auction will be held in a nice setting with all the amenities, conveniences and location necessary to facilitate an event of that quality and prestige.

If your collection is Modern or operator condition, you will still get our total commitment to maximizing the dollars for you. Your trains will be advertised, lotted and offered in an auction that will attract the buying audience that search for trains they can run. We would offer an accurately graded list for a reasonable charge to the buyers. Your auction would be held in a nice clean hall we would blanket the region with advertising to let all the buyers know of the event. The same high quality professionalism and reputation goes into every aspect of our business.

Our competitive rates for auctioning and Estate Planning vary depending on the quality and quantity of what we are selling. Please contact by phone or email, we will be happy to answer your questions or discuss a plan for selling your collection. Our Goal is to get the maximum value for your collection, while offering our buyers the quality trains they seek.

We offer professional pick-up and packing services anywhere in the USA.

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