Adolph Gottlieb canvas achieves $756K at Doyle

Adolph Gottlieb, ‘A Heavy Matter,’ $756,000

Adolph Gottlieb, ‘A Heavy Matter,’ $756,000

NEW YORK – Doyle held a successful auction of 20th Century Abstraction on October 6.

The sale showcased abstract art spanning the 1940s through the end of the century and included paintings, drawings, sculpture and prints. From the American Abstract Expressionists, as well as several prototypical artists that predated them, the auction documented the global evolution of abstraction within and beyond the fabled New York School, including Color Field artists, hard-edge abstraction, Minimalism and more.

Highlighting the sale was a work from 1965 titled A Heavy Matter by Adolph Gottlieb. Determined bidders sent the work soaring above its pre-sale estimate to achieve $756,000. Adolph Gottlieb’s Burst series began in 1957 with Blast I, a painting in the permanent collection of MoMA. It is the third and final major series of paintings Gottlieb produced. A Heavy Matter is a prime example of Gottlieb’s Burst paintings, balancing a serene oval of color hovering atop a busy group of black gestural strokes on the lower half of the work, with a brilliant touch of blue at lower right.


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