De Gaulle letter to FDR posts $33,689 at RR Auction

Handwritten draft of a letter by Gen. Charles de Gaulle (left), unsigned but incorporating his name within the text, to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Price realized: $33,689. RR Auction image

BOSTON – A wartime letter written by French Gen. Charles de Gaulle to President Franklin D. Roosevelt sold for $33,689 according to RR Auction, which conducted the Fine Autographs and Artifacts auction Aug. 8.

The handwritten draft of a letter in French by De Gaulle consisted of two pages with writing on both sides. It was undated, circa 1943. The content of the letter addresses a misunderstanding between the Allied leaders during World War II.

“It’s an incredible letter rich with superb content that shows the tension between the two great military leaders,” said Bobby Livingston, executive vice president of RR Auction.

Additional highlights from the sale include:

– Japanese officer’s pistol and heirloom sword surrendered at war’s end in 1945 sold for $11,541.

Browning Model 1910 pistol and 350-year-old wakizashi sword surrendered by Col. Hitoshi Masaki of the Imperial Japanese Army. Price realized: $11,541. RR Auction image

– Mary Blair concept painting from Alice in Wonderland sold for $14,700.

Mary Blair original concept painting from ‘Cinderella’ (Walt Disney Studios, 1950), showing the title character fleeing from the castle in her white ball gown. Price realized: $14,700. RR Auction image

– Gen. Ulysses S. Grant signed portrait as the U.S. Army’s commander sold for $11,126.

Carte-de-visite portrait of Ulysses S. Grant, 2.5in x 4in, signed in ink, ‘U.S. Grant, Lt. Gen. U.S.A.’ President Lincoln promoted Grant to the rank of lieutenant general on March 2, 1864, giving him command of all Union Armies. Price realized: $11,126. RR Auction image

– Field jacket belonging to George L. Paxton of the A.V.G. ‘Flying Tigers’ sold for $9,896.

Embroidered unit patch on a field jacket worn by a pilot of the American Volunteer Group ‘Flying Tigers.’ Price realized: $9,896. RR Auction image

– Charles de Gaulle’s handwritten Bastille Day speech delivered to the French Troops on July 14, 1941 sold for $22,233.

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