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Check signed and filled out in 1860 by Abraham Lincoln, $35,255

Lincoln-signed check cashes out at $35K at RR Auction

Check signed and filled out in 1860 by Abraham Lincoln, $35,255
Check signed and filled out in 1860 by Abraham Lincoln, $35,255

BOSTON – An Abraham Lincoln signed check written one week after being named the Republican presidential candidate sold for $35,255 at RR Auction.

The Springfield Marine & Fire Insurance Company check, filled out and signed by Lincoln, “A. Lincoln,” payable to his brother-in-law, C. M. Smith, for $122.75, May 25, 1860.

Clark Moulton Smith, who was married to Ann Todd, sister of Mary Todd Lincoln, was a successful Springfield merchant who operated five stores in the city: dry goods, clothing and shoe stores, a pharmacy, and a grocery market.

According to the stores’ ledgers, the Lincolns regularly bought clothes and dry goods from Smith, along with staples such as sugar and coffee. At the time Lincoln wrote this check, he had just been nominated as his party’s candidate for president at the Republican National Convention in Chicago on May 18.

“Prices for Presidential signed checks have been rising all year,” said Bobby Livingston, Executive VP at RR Auction. “Financial documents like these give collectors great insight into the daily lives of iconic figures like Abraham Lincoln.”

The Fine Autograph and Artifacts auction by RR Auction began on September 25 and concluded on October 13. For more information, go to

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