Two JFK paintings sell for $126K at RR Auction

JFK paintings

Two original JFK 1960 watercolor and gouache paintings. Price realized $126,233: RR Auction image

BOSTON – Two original watercolor and gouache paintings by President John F. Kennedy were sold by RR Auction for $126,233 on Jan. 23. The fully illustrated auction catalog with prices realized can be viewed on LiveAuctioneeers.

Kennedy was known to doodle boats, but these paintings reflect the artistic side of JFK that the public never saw.

One scene is inscribed “Sheepshead Bay, N.Y.” and signed “J.F.K. ’60.” The second scene is inscribed “Marine Bridge from Sheepshead Bay, N.Y.” and “J.F.K. 60.”

JFK paintings

President Kennedy’s personally owned and used wooden cigar box with two cigars. Price realized: $19,898. RR Auction image

The two paintings were a gift from JFK in 1960 to a personal friend from Beverly Hills, California. This socialite was a big supporter of JFK’s run for the presidency in 1960.

“John F. Kennedy’s favorite pastime was sailing, making these original paintings both rare and remarkable – and it’s not surprising that they brought such an impressive figure,” Bobby Livingston, executive VP at RR Auction.

JFK paintings

Two golf balls personally owned and used by President John F Kennedy. Price realized: $8,923. RR Auction image

Highlights from the sale include the following:

– John F. Kennedy printing of his historic Inaugural Address signed as president sold for $37,292.

– President John F. Kennedy’s personally worn back brace sold for $31,710.

– John F. Kennedy 1962 cigar box with an inlaid presidential seal and two cigars sold for $19,898.

– President John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy signed pardon sold for $10,207.

– President Kennedy personally owned and used pair of golf balls sold for $8,923.