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Ancient Resource sale Sept. 7 presents treasured objects

Ancient Resource
Rare Egyptian bronze figure of a bolti fish from the Late Period (circa 664-332 B.C.). Ancient Resource Auctions image

MONTROSE, Calif. – Ancient Resource Auctions’ online-only Summer Antiquities Discovery Sale on Saturday, Sept. 7, is packed with over 375 lots of authentic antiquities from Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Near Eastern and Pre-Columbian cultures, as well as other interesting items. Bid absentee or live online through LiveAuctioneers.

The auction will start at 9 a.m. Pacific time/noon Eastern.

“We’re offering a fabulous selection of antiquities from a wide array of cultures,” said Gabriel Vandervort of Ancient Resource Auctions. “In addition to that, we’re also offering a fine selection of antique and ancient replica pieces. Collectors will scoop up wonderful pieces at really great prices.”

A rare Egyptian bronze figure of a bolti fish (above) from the Late Period (circa 664-332 B.C.), with a prominent dorsal fin, mounted on a custom black wood base, will make a wonderful conversation starter for someone’s collection. The details marking the scales, fins and eyes are nicely incised. The 2½-inch-long fish (above) boasts an attractive green/brown patina, with red flecks.

One lot certain to draw attention is the attractive Etruscan bronze figure of Herakles (circa third-second century B.C.), 4½ inches tall and mounted on an old wood base. The figure (below) is depicted standing nude wearing a wreath, his right hand raised overhead holding a club, a lion’s skin draped around his left arm. The facial details are nicely preserved and the piece has an even brown patina.

Ancient Resource
Etruscan bronze figure of Herakles, 4½in. tall and mounted on an old wood base. Ancient Resource Auctions image

An Egyptian diorite grinding palette from the Middle Kingdom (circa 2061-1690 B.C.) is a marvelous example of a noble person’s toiletry kit. About 5½ inches long and 3 inches wide, the item has a central recessed area for grinding powders, bordered by an incised cartouche. A small, grooved ‘spout’ extends beyond the end of one side. The piece rests on a rectangular flat base.

A beautiful Egyptian banded alabaster alabastron, also from the Late Period, comes from the estate of Seward Kennedy, a former lawyer for Mobil Corp. who acquired pieces for his collection during decades of travel. The ovoid body with two vestigial lug handles is nicely carved from horizontally carved banded alabaster.

A large Chimu silver pectoral (circa 1100-1450 A.D.) consists of 32 pieces: 10 rings and 22 figural forms, each made of silver. They were perforated for suspension (or attachment) to the mantel of an elite individual. The pieces are attached to a heavy black fabric measuring 22½ inches by 16 inches, with extra textile for easy framing.

A Taino bird and frog cohoba pestle, circa 1000-1500 A.D., is made from andesite and quite heavy. The bird likely represents the woodpecker deity Inriri, who was credited with introducing women to a sexual encounter. It is accompanied by Tona, a frog ally implying fertility. The pestle was used to crush cohoba and lime, creating a hallucinogenic snuff used by the Taino elite.

Ancient Resource
Taino bird and frog cohoba pestle, circa 1000-1500 A.D., made from andesite and quite heavy. Ancient Resource Auctions image

A Japanese blue and white porcelain washbasin from the early-to-mid 20th century is one of the more visually arresting pieces up for bid. Impressive at 18¼ inches in diameter, it features an exquisitely painted dragon on the tondo, the outside decorated with floral elements, alternating with bordered geometricized flowers. Six Japanese characters are in a linear circle on the bottom.

Ancient Resource
Japanese blue and white porcelain wash basin from the early-to-mid 20th century, 18¼in. in diameter. Ancient Resource Auctions image

Also for sale is an Etruscan terra-cotta votive foot from the third or fourth century B.C. It’s life-sized (10 inches long) on an integral base and well-preserved with light deposits.

Ancient Resource
Etruscan terra-cotta votive foot from the third or fourth century B.C. Ancient Resource Auctions image

To inquire about consigning one piece or an entire collection, call 818-425-9633 or send an e-mail to All inquiries are confidential.

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