Carstens Galleries auction Nov. 28 moves to Latin American beat

Latin American beat

Alejandro Obregon, oil on canvas 59 x 65 inches. Estimate: $15,000-$25,000. Carstens Galleries image

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Carstens Galleries will conduct its Nov. 28 auction with emphasis on Latin American art. Absentee and Internet live bidding is available through LiveAuctioneers.

Lot 11, an oil on canvas by Alejandro Obregon (above), the son of a Colombian father and a Catalan mother. He studied fine arts in Boston in 1939 and went to Barcelona to serve as vice consul of Colombia for four years. He married Ilva Rasch-Isla, the daughter of poet Miguel Rasch-Isla, during his time in Spain. In 1948 he became director of the School of Fine Arts in Santa Fé de Bogotá, where he was influenced by the fresco style of artists Pedro Nel Gómez and Santiago Martinez Delgado. He left the School of Fine Arts and moved to France with his second wife, Sonia Osorio; he later married his third wife, English painter Freda Sargent. After traveling around Europe, he returned to Barranquilla, Colombia, in 1955. He lived and worked exclusively in Cartagena, Columbia for the last 22 years of his life, from 1970 until his death in 1992.

Lot 12 is a sculpture (below) by Colombian artist Edgar Negret from his Deidad series in metal, 25/60 and dated 1989 during his constructivist tradition. Before that period, Negret had won the award of Salón de Artistas Colombianos, and became one of the most prominent Colombian sculptors of the 20th century. In 1968, he was awarded the David E. Bright Sculpture Prize at the 34th Venice Biennial. In 1985, the Museum Negret opened. In 2010, he was awarded “Grado de Oficial” by order of the Congress of Colombia.

Latin American beat

Edgar Negret, ‘Deidad,’ 1989, 25/50, painted aluminum, 12 inches high, painted aluminum. Estimate: $12,000-$18,000. Carstens Galleries image

Lot 216 is a beautiful oil on canvas with prominent Cayena flowers by Venezuelan artist Tomás Lorenzo Golding. The work is dated 1960. Golding began his early studies with master Antonio Alcántara, continuing in New York at the Cooper Union School of Arts. He made individual exhibitions at the Art Center in New York, 1931; Club Central, Caracas, 1931; Club Venezuela, 1938; Museum of Fine Arts, MBA, 1938, 1941 and 1953; Athenaeum of Caracas, 1944. In 1967 an anthological sample of his work was carried out in the MBA.

Latin American beat

Tomas Golding, oil on canvas, 26 x 29½ inches. Estimate: $2,000-$4,000. Carstens Galleries image

Lot 49 is considered the star lot of antiques within the auction, a monumental hand-carved replica in bone of the Nine Dragons Wall at the Imperial Palace of the Forbidden City, China. The 9-foot-long carving and roof tiles show superb workmanship, the reproduction of the overhanging gable of the roof is decorated with intricate designs, which provide insight into the Tang architecture. The carvings of dragons along all the sides of the wall are the representations of the emperor.

Latin American beat

Monumental hand-carved bone replica of the Nine Dragons Wall of the Forbidden city, 104 inches long x 33 inches tall x 12 inches wide. Carstens Galleries image

In addition to works by Latin American, European and American artists, the auction includes a large variety of many French and Oriental antiques, commemorative medals, snuff bottles and silver pieces.