Choice tribal art celebrated in online auction April 29

tribal art celebrated

Punu carved wooden mask from Gabon, good condition with traces of tribal use and minor damage to the back noted. Estimate: $110-$150. Jasper52 image

NEW YORK – More than four dozen outstanding examples of vintage tribal art from around the world, including 30 carved masks, comprise an online auction that will be conducted by Jasper52 on Wednesday, April 29. Many of the items are from a former private collection in Belgium. Bid absentee or live online exclusively through LiveAuctioneers.

The auction will commence at 8 p.m. Eastern time with a carved wooden mask from the Punu people in Gabon in central Africa (above). It has a serene understated expression and a detailed coiffure (est. $110-$150).

Excellent patina is distinct on a mask used by the Dan people of Africa’s Ivory Coast (below). The Dan style is evident with its round eyes and pursed lips (est. $110-$150).

tribal art celebrated

Dan carved wooden mask from the Ivory Coast, signs of wear with an excellent patina. Estimate: $110-$150. Jasper52 image

Women of the Mongo tribe in the northwest region of the Congo occasionally wore metal anklets that were also used as currency. They were worn for celebrations and relatively short periods but brides might wear them for months at a time. The ankle offered in the Jasper52 auction has a $150-$200 estimate.

tribal art celebrated

Mongo tin and copper anklet from northwest Congo. Estimate: $150-$200. Jasper52 image

The worship of ancestors is at the heart of religious and social life of the Kota people in Gabon. Offered in the auction is an outstanding figure of a guardian. The tribally used reliquary statue is decorated with various geometric patterns engraved in yellow copper (est. $400-$500).

tribal art celebrated

Kota reliquary statue from Gabon, wood and copper having a slightly greenish patina. Estimate: $400-$500. Jasper52 image

A beaded headdress like those worn by Pende chiefs in the Congo is another extraordinary lot (est. $150-$200).

tribal art celebrated

Pende chief’s beaded and wickerwork headdress from the Congo. Estimate: $150-$200. Jasper52 image

All of these items were sourced from a Belgian collection brought together in the 1950s.

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