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Antiquarian Maps

Jasper 52 Antiquarian Maps Auction to travel back in time Oct. 7

Antiquarian Maps
Levasseur map of North America, ‘Amerique Septrentionale,’ by V. Levasseur, 1840, Paris, 11in x 16 ½in, excellent condition. Estimate: $200-$225. Jasper52 image


NEW YORK – Antiquarian maps of all parts of the earth and beyond will be sold at a Jasper52 online auction on Saturday, Oct. 7. These original and often colorful engravings show how the world was viewed at the time the maps were published. Absentee and Internet bidding is available through LiveAuctioneers.

One of the many accessible maps in the 177-lot auction is the 1840 Levasseur map of North America (above), which is estimated at $200-$225. This colorful, decorative map shows Texas as part of Mexico, the United States extending into present-day Canada (mostly British Columbia), Alaska still being Russian owned, and Mexico’s northern border reaching to Oregon. The map is surrounded by allegorical scenes of North and Central America including local animals, a ship stranded in the polar sea, and a Mayan temple.

Anyone traveling “north of the border” will want Guillaume de L’Isle’s 1708 map of Canada, formally titled Carte du Canada, de la Nouvelle France. With borders outlined in color, the map (below) encompasses land extending from the Atlantic Coast to beyond the Great Lakes and north to Baffin Bay. The map, which measures 25 ½ by 20 inches, is expected to top $2,200.


Antiquarian Maps
‘Carte du Canada, de la Nouvelle France,’ by Guillaume de L’Isle, 1708, 25 ½in x 20in, outline color. Estimate: $2,200-$2,500. Jasper52 image


An 1846 map of the American Southwest includes Texas, California and the Northern States of Mexico by engraver J. & C. Walker was published as an edition as “Maps of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge” by Charles Knight & Co., London. This map highlights the then unexplored areas of California and shows the locations of Indian tribes across the American Southwest. Tucson is marked on the map as “Toyson.” Also marked are “Pueblo de Los Angeles” and “Port de S. Francisco – visited by Sir Francis Drake in 1578.” Measuring 13 ¼ by 16 inches, the steel engraved map features original outline hand coloring.


Antiquarian Maps
‘Central America, Sheet II, including Texas, California and the Northern States of Mexico,’ by J. & C. Walker, 1846, 13 ¼in x 16in. Estimate: $475-$525. Jasper52 image


The vast Caribbean is shown on a large atlas map dated 1740. Philippe Buache’s Carte d’une partie de l’Amerique pour la navigation’ Caribbean measures 21 by 27 ¼ inches and features original outline hand coloring. The towns of Saint Augustine, Savannah and Port Royal are marked on the Atlantic seaboard of the United States.


Antiquarian Maps
‘Carte d’une partie de l’Amerique pour la navigation’ Caribbean,’ by Philippe Buache, 1740, 21 x 27 ¼in, folding map, extracted from a composite atlas of early 18th century maps. Estimate: $1,500-$1,600. Jasper52 image


From across the Atlantic are two noteworthy city maps from the 17th-century. John Speed’s atlas map of Hertfordshire, England, includes the ancient town of St. Albans. This is a highly detailed map with topographical features, towns and battle scenes included. Additionally, two coats of arms, and decorative cartouches with extensive text describing the county and its history are included.


Antiquarian Maps
Map of Hertfordshire, England, by John Speed, circa 1660, London, 15 in x 20in. Estimate: $485-$550. Jasper52 image


Barcelona has been in the news lately with its residents voting to secede from Spain. French geographer and cartographer Nicolas de Fer’s 1693 map of Barcelona shows fortifications around the Mediterranean port. A prolific producer of maps and prints, De Fer was appointed as official geographer to the Spanish king in 1702.


Antiquarian Maps
Bird’s-eye view plan map of Barcelona, Spain, by Nicolas de Fer,1693, 13in x 9in. Estimate: $300-$350. Jasper52 image


The Jasper52 16th-20th Century Antiquarian Maps Auction will be Saturday, Oct. 7, beginning at 5 p.m. Eastern time.


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