Jasper52 rolls out premium Persian rugs in June 20 auction

Persian rugs

Antique Persian Sultanabad rug, 1890, Iran, 12 ft.1 in. x 13 ft. 7 in. Estimate: $13,000-$14,000. Jasper52 image

NEW YORK – The rich look and feel of authentic hand-knotted Oriental rugs are at hand in a Jasper52 online auction to be held Wednesday, June 20, beginning at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. Fifty premium quality rugs – Sarouks, Mahals, Kermans, Isfahans – comprise the catalog. Many of the rugs are true antiques – more than a century old. Absentee and Internet live bidding is available through LiveAuctioneers.

A truly genuine one-of-a-kind antique Persian Sultanabad rug (above) dates to the 1890s. This oversize rug, 12 feet 1 inch by 13 feet 7 inches, is in good condition. The city of Sultanabad, now known as Arak, was founded in 1808 and became a major center of rug production in Iran. This remarkable rug boasts the highest estimate in the auction: $13,000-$14,000.

Similar in design to Sultanbad rugs are Heriz/Serapi rugs, which are included in the auction. A pre-1900 Heriz/Serapi Karaje (below) measures about 12 by 18 feet and has a geometric overall design. Recently acquired from a Washington, D.C. estate, this rug has been professionally cleaned and is in great condition. The cold climate of mountainous northwest Persia helps produce strong, high-quality sheep’s wool. As a result, Heriz/Serapi rugs are considered by many to be among the best rugs.

Persian rugs

Pre-1900 Heriz Serapi Karaje rug, 11 ft. 6 in. x 18 ft. Estimate: $7,800-$8,000. Jasper52 image

A room-size Persian Sarouk Fereghan rug from the early 1900s and in mint condition has a $9,200-$9,500 estimate. Sarouk is a village located in the province of Markazi in central Iran. Sarouk rugs are made in and around this village in both rural and workshop settings.

Persian rugs

Sarouk Fereghan rug, mint condition, 1910, Iran, 10 ft. 3 in. x 14 ft. Estimate: $9,200-$9,500. Jasper52 image

Mahal rugs, named after the city Mahallat in southwestern Iran, have been made in several countries. A genuine Mahal rug, about 8 by 10 feet, was handmade in the 1880s (est.  $9,000-$9,200).

Persian rugs

Antique Persian Mahal rug, 1880, Iran, 8 ft. 1 in. x 10 ft. 1 in. Estimate: $9,000-$9,200. Jasper52 image

A 1940s Persian Isfahan rug measures 11 feet 6 inches by 16 feet 4 inches. The design features beautiful medallions flanked by a vine blossoming and birds on an ivory field. In excellent condition, this rug has a $4,800-$5,000 estimate.

Persian rugs

Persian Isfahan rug, 11 ft. 6 in. by 16 ft. 4 in., 1940. Estimate: $4,800-$5,000. Jasper52 image

Made in India in the early 1900s is a Kerman large Kerman rug (est. $8,200-$8,500). The red field of this Indian adaptation of a Persian Kerman displays cypress trees, prunus shrubs, various other flowing bushes and jungle animals. The dark blue border displays cypresses, palms, prunus and flowering plants. Flying cranes and other birds inhabit the light blue corners with cloud bands.

Persian rugs

Indo-Kerman carpet, 1910, India, 16 ft. 2 in. x 14 ft. 6 in. Estimate: $8,200-$8,500. Jasper52 image

Crafted and woven in village workshops, these antique and vintage rugs reveal the histories of many cultures. These carpets carry as much utilitarian as artistic value, accentuating any home with their rich tradition.