Jeffrey Evans auction features Victorian glass & lighting

Victorian glass

Selection of miniature lighting including Swan. Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates image

MOUNT CRAWFORD, Va. – The Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates annual summer lighting and glass auction contains a wide selection of desirable material and will include a wide variety of fluid lighting and Victorian-era glass including opalescent lighting and glass, a large selection of Dorflinger brilliant cut glass, and an excellent collection of Hobbs, Brockunier & Co. glass. The large auction will take place over three days July 30-31st and Aug. 1. Bid absentee or live online through LiveAuctioneers.

Thursday’s session will be an uncataloged session and will begin at 3 p.m., featuring a wide variety of lamps and lamp parts with makers including Aladdin (below), Bradley & Hubbard, and Plume and Atwood. Vapor / alcohol lamps, as well as Victorian hanging riggings and various additional parts will also be included.

Victorian glass

Group of Aladdin stand lamps including Beehive. Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates image

Friday’s session, Day Two, beginning at 9:30 a.m. Eastern time, features the collection of Leith Cobb and will include many rare opalescent stand lamps, finger lamps and lamp parts; the Don and Anajli Peterson collection of banquet and miniature lamps, including a complete white Atterbury Swan (above) and many Bradley & Hubbard banquet lamps. This session will also offer the second installment of the Aladdin collection of Larry Spradley and will feature several rare Aladdin lamps with rare items such as the White Moonstone Beehive stand lamp and a White Moonstone Susie electric table lamp.

Victorian glass

Selection of cruets including Plated Amberina and mother-of-pearl condiment set. Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates image

The lighting portion will be followed by Victorian and opalescent glass including selections from the collection of Thomas Bredehoft, St. Louisville, Ohio, and the final installment of the Scott Roland collection. Featured items include a previously unrecorded Northwood/Dugan Swastiska sugar shaker in cranberry opalescent, a blue opalescent Coinspot bar bottle, and a green opalescent Spanish Lace eight-panel mold water pitcher.

Victorian glass

Dugan/Northwood sugar shaker. Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates image

The end of the sale will offer the toothpick collection of Betty Edwards, Hopewell, Va., with hundreds of toothpicks in many varieties being offered.

Saturday’s session, Day Three, beginning at 9:30 a.m., offers many rarities and a wide variety of Victorian glass, studio glass and paperweights, featuring the collections of Thomas Bredehoft, Robert and Mary Petrie, and Ellen O’Brien. Saturday will begin with glass articles including barber’s/bitters bottles, a wide variety of tumblers and cruets, including a New England Plated Amberina with original stopper and a finely decorated mother-of-pearl three-piece condiment set. A wide variety of rare Hobbs and Findlay pieces will be offered including a Floradine covered sugar bowl and Findlay Onyx tumble-up.

The middle of the sale will offer a large selection of Dorflinger brilliant cut glass including a Honeycomb cylinder vase and many examples of Kalana acid-etched patterns.

The end of the sale is reserved for studio art glass and the second offering of paperweights from the O’Brien collection. Studio pieces include fine examples of Kelsey Murphy cameo/sand-carved art glass (below) from the Bredehoft collection, including a rare Grandma’s Pond luminor.

Victorian glass

Selection of Kelsey Murphy cameo glass including Grandma’s Pond. Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates image

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