Kensington goes from deepest Africa to distant galaxies July 13

deepest Africa

Paul Cadmus original drawing, an original study for his painting ‘David and Goliath.’ Kensington Estate Auction

CLINTONDALE, N.Y. – Kensington Estate Auction’s, Monday, July 13, online sale will take bidders from deepest Africa to distant galaxies. Kensington Estate Auctions will offer silver gelatin photograph albums, Hollywood and classical opera memorabilia, 18th–21st century books, art, jewelry, art glass, pottery and sculptures. Bid absentee or live online through LiveAuctioneers.

The photography and autograph selections will include 19th-20th century musicians, Hollywood stars, artists, political figures and more. Photographers include Horst P. Horst, Ron Galella and Alfred Watson. This treasure trove of Hollywood memorabilia includes original signed photographs, contracts, music quotations and inscriptions by Noel Coward, Rudolf Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks, Betty Grable, Sofia Loren, Spencer Tracy, Fred Astaire, Orson Wells and more.

This group also includes signed photographs of iconic American jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Cab Calloway, U.B. Blake and Frank Sinatra just to name a few.

Not to be overlooked are the early photograph albums depicting a big game hunting expedition in Africa, elephant ceremonies in Ceylon, British Colonia India, Iraq and other distant lands.

deepest Africa

British colonial photograph album, Ceylon. Kensington Estate Auction

Several original drawings from Paul Cadmus will highlight Kensington’s 20th century art category.   With modest estimates of $500-$1,000 on each of the three, bidding has been active. This section also includes works by Andy Warhol: screenprint from Sex Parts: Fellatio and an original drawing of Alfred Hitchcock with a humble estimate of $6,000-$12,000.

deepest Africa

Andy Warhol, drawing of Alfred Hitchcock. Kensington Estate Auction

Bidders should take note of other 20th century artists such as Jasper Johns, LA II, Douglas Denniston, Dame Elisabeth Frink and Bert Stern. Included are cult posters such as Flesh Gordon and Hot Cookies all taking the lead of Madonna’s infamous coffee table book: Sex.

A collection of 18th-19th century prints will include Dr. Thornton – Temple of Flora, Audubon White Weasel, Fantin-Latour, Otto Bacher and others. In addition, Japanese and Chinese watercolors and paintings will be auctioned.

Of special note is Stephen Hawking’s book titled George’s Secret Key to The Universe, which he signed with his thumbprint. The active bidding is exciting with an estimate of $1,000-$2,000.

deepest Africa

Steven Hawking, ‘thumbprint signed’ copy of ‘George’s Secret Key to the Universe.’ Kensington Estate Auction

Estate jewelry will include Tiffany and the Mexican silversmith Carmen Beckmann. Several exquisite Chris Lebeau for Moser Unica vases, Heemskerk candlesticks, ADO miniature furniture, an 18th century Dutchman log tobacco box, anti-religion Soviet Union playing cards from the 1930s, an astronomical diary of Colonial American Almanacks from 1772-1775 with Paul Revere original woodblocks and several African ceremonial wood carvings will cross the block. We are pleased to offer several original Walt Disney Studio animation pencil drawings of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck from the early 1930s. Not to be overlooked are other books, paintings, prints, posters, comic strip drawings, sports memorabilia, rugs and carvings.

Yes, from deepest Africa to distant galaxies and so much in between, this auction will astonish and enchant bidders and buyers alike.

The auction will begin on Monday, July 13, at 7 p.m. Eastern time.