Leading photographers keep on rockin’ in June 11 online auction


Annie Leibovitz, ‘John and Yoko Ono,’ 11.6in. x14in., heat wax mounted on 14in. x 18in. conservation board. Estimate: $200-$300. Jasper52 image

NEW YORK – Jasper 52 will conduct an online auction on Tuesday, June 11, of vintage photolithographs shot by some of the great rock ’n’ roll and music photographers of all time. From important photographers such as Annie Leibovitz and Jim Marshall, to their iconic models such as John Lennon, Freddie Mercury and Janis Joplin, this auction shows that in the words of Neil Young, rock ’n’ roll can never die. Bid absentee or live online through LiveAuctioneers.

Five photolithographs by Annie Leibovitz are offered in the auction including an unforgettable image of John Lennon and Yoko Ono (above). Leibovitz was chief photographer of Rolling Stone for 10 years, and her iconic portraits are recognized worldwide. She draws inspiration from photographer Richard Avedon and his “personal reportage,” developing close rapport with her subjects.

James Joseph Marshall (1936-2010) was an American photographer, often of rock stars. He had extended access to numerous musicians through the 1960s and 1970s, including being backstage at the Beatles’ final paid live concert in San Francisco’s Candlestick Park, and was chief photographer at Woodstock. Annie Leibovitz said he was “the rock ’n’ roll photographer.” Eight of his images are included in the Jasper52 auction.


Jim Marshall, ‘Janis Joplin, at Winterland,’ 1968, 6.5in. x 9.65in., heat wax mounted on 11in. x14in. conservation board. Jasper52 image

Lynn Goldsmith (b. 1948) is an American recording artist, a film director, a celebrity portrait photographer and one of the first women rock ’n’ roll photographers. She has done over 100 album covers. In addition to her editorial work, Goldsmith has also focused on fine art photography with conceptual images. Her photographs are in the collections of The Smithsonian among other museums and her 3D videos created in 1982 are in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Bidders have their choice of 17 Goldsmith images in the Jasper52 auction.


Lynn Goldsmith, ‘Freddie Mercury,’ London, 1986, 9.8in. x 12.85in., heat wax mounted on 12in. x16in. conservation board. Estimate: $125-$200. Jasper52 image

Bob Gruen (b.1945) is an American author and photographer known for his rock ’n’ roll photographs. He began photographing rock stars with Bob Dylan and served as John Lennon’s personal photographer during his time in New York City. A dozen of Gruen’s images are included in the auction with subjects ranging from Chuck Berry to Eric Clapton.


Bob Gruen, ‘Led Zeppelin,’ 9.1in. x 12.1in., heat wax mounted on 12in. x16in. conservation board. Estimate: $125-$200. Jasper52 image

Steven Meisel is an American fashion photographer, who obtained popularity and critical acclaim with his work in U.S. and Italian Vogue and with his photographs of friend Madonna are in her 1992 book Sex. His photo of an animated Tina Turner appeared on a cover of the Rolling Stone.


Steven Meisel, ‘Tina Turner,’ 11.45in. x 14in., heat wax mounted on 14in. x 18in. conservation board. Estimate: $150-$250. Jasper52 image

Guy Michael Webster (1939-2019), an early innovator of rock ’n’ roll photography, was a master of the album cover photograph. His 50-year career spanned the worlds not only of music but film and politics. While shooting album covers and magazine layouts for numerous groups – the Rolling Stones, the Mamas and the Papas, the Beach Boys, the Byrds, the Doors, Simon & Garfunkel among many others – he also photographed film legends like Rita Hayworth, Dean Martin and Natalie Wood. As the primary celebrity photographer for dozens of magazines worldwide, Webster captured such luminaries as Igor Stravinsky, Barbra Streisand, Jack Nicholson and American presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.


Guy Webster, ‘The Mamas and the Papas,’ 7.6in. x 9.05in., heat wax mounted on 11in. x14in. conservation board. Estimate: $110-$160. Jasper52 image

This vintage rock ’n’ roll photolithographs auction will begin Tuesday, June 11, at 8 p.m. Eastern time.