CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A set of two front-row balcony tickets for the April 14, 1865 performance of Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC leads a stunning array of historically important lots at RR Auction’s Remarkable Rarities event on Saturday, September 23. The catalog is available for bidding now at LiveAuctioneers.

President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination at Ford’s Theatre remains a major turning point in American history. Formerly in the Forbes Collection of Historical Documents and auctioned by Christie’s in 2002, the exceedingly rare tickets are estimated at $100,000-$150,000.

Political Debates between Hon. Abraham Lincoln and Hon. Stephen A. Douglasa two-volume set issued in 1860, features an autograph by Lincoln, one of just four instances of him signing this publication in ink. The 1858 debates helped Lincoln win national visibility, leading to his successful election to the presidency in a crowded field in 1860. The lot is estimated at $100,000-$150,000.

Apollo 17 was the final lunar mission for the Apollo program. Commander Gene Cernan conducted an extra-vehicular activity (EVA), better known as a moon walk, during the landing. His cuff checklist, reminding him of his duties while outside the lunar lander, is included in the sale, with an estimate of $300,000-$400,000.

Dr. Niels Bohr made fundamental contributions to the understanding of atomic structure and quantum theory and received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922. In 1957, he was given the Atoms for Peace award by Presiden Dwight Eisenhower. That medal, along with two others, carry a collective estimate of $250,000-$300,000.

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