Moderately valued Asian works coming to Gianguan Auctions Oct. 27

Asian works

Jade doorknockers, carved to depicting bats in flight and qilin, 8 inches high. Gianguan Auctions image

NEW YORK – Gianguan Auctions has gathered an excellent collection of moderately valued Asian works of art for a sale Saturday, Oct. 27. Absentee and Internet live bidding is available through LiveAuctioneers.

An unusual pair of auspicious jade doorknockers (above), Lot 28, is intricately carved depicting bats in flight with hinged qilin ring knockers to ward off evil.

Jade carvings, the art of lapidary large and small, are well represented in this catalog starting with a set of 10 jade cups.

A Hetian white jade carving of a recumbent horse (below) biting at its hind hoof is thought to bring forth good fortune to its owner.

Asian works

Hetian white jade horse, 3.6 inches long. Gianguan Auctions image

Highlights of jade carvings also include Lot 115, a fine jade tripod ding censer having a key-fret pattern border on a luminous body raised by three mask-head supports.

Asian works

Qing white jade tripod Ding censer, 5¾ inches high. Gianguan Auctions image

Scholars’ items feature a rare Duan inkstone, Lot 113, with 13 “eyes,” utilizing the natural texture of the stone to sketch a thunderous scene of wispy cloud. Lot 118, a cylindrical brush pot of carved Huanghuali is decorated with pine and crane as longevity symbols.

Notable among the Yixing Zisha teapots are Lot 153, Gu Jingzhou’s teal-blue teapot molded with bamboo section and poem inscription, and Lot 151, hexagonal teapot in sections with a well-fitted lid separating a curved handle and spout.

Song ceramics, timeless with subtle silhouettes and refined forms with sophisticated designs are well represented here with Lot 57, a rare green-glazed marbled pottery lamp with handle; Lot 102, a Yaozhouyao celadon glazed reverse flow flask ewer, a small hole on the underside through which water is filled. Another good example of Song ceramic is Lot 53, a purple splashed Junyao tripod censer.

Asian works

Song Dynasty, purple splashed Junyao tripod censer with upright handles.
3⅜ inches high. Gianguan Auctions image

The 175-lot auction will begin Saturday, Oct. 27, at 6 p.m. Eastern time.

For additional information on any item in the sale, please contact Gianguan Auctions at 212 867-7288.