National Liberty Museum makes 60 art glass lots available through LiveAuctioneers Oct. 7


Rick Eggert, ‘Sunset of Burning Desire,’ 23in h x 20in w x 10in d, blown glass with gold and copper leaf, 2012. Estimate: $2,100-$4,200. National Liberty Museum image


PHILADELPHIA – On Saturday, Oct. 7, the National Liberty Museum will conduct its 18th annual Glass Auction & Gala, a major auction event featuring 60 major works of glass art. The live event at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown benefits the National Liberty Museum education and outreach programs. Absentee and Internet bidding is available through LiveAuctioneers.

All event proceeds will benefit the NLM’s education programs, including the museum’s proprietary Young Heroes Outreach Program, a year-long educational initiative for fourth through eighth grade that empowers students in the areas of leadership, civic engagement and social justice.

The 18th annual Glass Auction & Gala will bring together hundreds of artists collectors and glass influencersg. The event will feature the glass art creations of approximately 175 rising and renowned glass artists. Online bidding includes 60-plus pieces from dozens of artists around the globe. From glass jewelry, to intricate centerpieces, to elaborate sculptures, the glass art showcased at the event is designed by both masters of contemporary art as well as international rising stars, many of whom donated their glass art for the cause.

The Glass Auction & Gala will honor Sandy and Steve Sheller as the 2017 “Heroes of Liberty” and Pearl Dick as the 2017 “Artist as Hero.” Longtime friends of the museum the Shellers currently sponsor the Young Heroes Outreach Program at Tanner Duckrey Elementary School in North Philadelphia and are personally involved in the fourth graders’ community projects. Both in their professional work and through the Sheller Family Foundation philanthropy, the couple have devoted themselves to improving the lives and liberty of others in countless ways throughout the area.



Ray Howlett, ‘Swinging Look,’ 24in h x 13in w x 7in d, glass, mirror, neon, 2002. Estimate: $8,000-$16,000. National Liberty Museum image


Pearl Dick has generously donated her artwork to the museum for many years. She is actively involved with several organizations dedicated to improving the lives of teens in her hometown of Chicago. Recently, she launched a glassblowing program called “Project FIRE” for teens that have experienced violence related trauma, in partnership with a nonprofit providing arts education to underserved communities.



Pearl Dick, ‘Don’t Let Me Down,’ 14in h x 18in w x 8in d, blown glass, 2017. Estimate: $3,200-$6,4,00. National Liberty Museum image


“Glass art gives our educators a special language to talk with young people about the concept of liberty. The art form effectively makes the point to students that, as our next generation of leaders, each will play an important role in sustaining liberty, fragile like a piece of glass, by behaving as responsible and ethical adults,” said Gwen Borowsky, CEO of the National Liberty Museum. “Each year, our Glass Auction & Gala not only gives us all the chance to interact with international glass artists and honor the artists and individuals who bring our mission to life, but ensures that we can serve 50,000 students in the museum and in our schools with the most meaningful educational experiences possible.”



Vladimir Prochazka, ‘Birth of a Star,’ 26in h x 15in w x 5in d, cast glass, 2016. Estimate: $9,000-$18,000. National Liberty Museum image


The 2017 Glass Auction & Gala will begin at 5 p.m. Eastern with a reception, followed by a 7 p.m. dinner and live auction.