NEXT Art to host artificial intelligence prints auction

artificial intelligence art

‘Colosseum’ with psychedelic coloring, framed archival art print. NEXT Art image

NEW YORK – On Saturday, April 20, NEXT Art will hold the world’s first auction for artwork created with artificial intelligence. Absentee and Internet live bidding is available through LiveAuctioneers.

NEXT Art’s algorithms have arranged each artwork’s style, color and positioning to optimize for maximum beauty, as considered by an intricate system of neural network algorithms.

Lot 23 showcases Next Art’s algorithm’s ability to create the “kaleidoscopic” style (above). NEXT Art trained the model on paintings with kaleidoscopic patterns and also added in psychedelic coloring.

Lot 10 exhibits the “cellular” style (below). Next Art’s algorithm created this with image recognition technology, developed over decades, to draw inspiration from the colors and patterns of the anatomical structure of human cells.

artificial intelligence art

The colors in ‘Flat Iron Cellular’ were extracted from human cell. NEXT Art image

Lot 750 exhibits the Next Art algorithm’s take on the Pointillist style of the famous artist Paul Signac. The algorithm was able to replicate the intricate brush strokes that are indicative of his unique style.

artificial intelligence art

This work imitates a Paul Signac painting. NEXT Art image

This auction of 1,000 archival art prints is a testament to the creativity of algorithms.

A small team of computer scientists comprises NEXT Art, who are making innovative advances in how artwork is created by employing cutting-edge technology to the creative process.