Patriotic theme runs through Americana auction Nov. 26

Patriotic theme

Sunderland luster pitcher, made in England for American export, eagle motif, 6in high, circa 1840. Estimate: $250-$750. Jasper52 image

NEW YORK – Patriotic symbols have been a familiar sight since the founding of the United States in 1776. No symbol of the country is more recognizable than the American bald eagle, which is depicted in seven lots of a Jasper52 online auction devoted to Americana and folk art. The 667-lot auction will take place on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26. Bid absentee or live online exclusively through LiveAuctioneers.

One of the most unusual objects found in the auction catalog is a mahogany gangway board that depicts the Great Seal of the United States. These were used to dress up an American ship’s gangway when receiving important guests. This rare example, which measures 40 by 29 inches, was found in Maine. It weighs about 90 pounds and has a brass dovetailed band around it (est. $6,000-$7,000).

Patriotic theme

Carved mahogany gangway board with the image of the great seal, 40 x 29 x 4in. Estimate: $6,000-$7,000. Jasper52 image

The American bald eagle also appears on a 1940s applique quilt. The quilt also has 13 stars that represent the original Colonies. The appliques are machine-sewn but the rest is hand-quilted and displays six to seven stitches per inch (est. $700-$800).

Patriotic theme

Golden eagle and stars quilt, machine-sewn appliques and hand-quilted, 84 x 100in, 1940s. Estimate: $700-$800. Jasper52 image

A shield-shaped cloth banner that depicts the Great Seal of the United States bears a tag that reads: “Dairymen’s League / Co-operative Association Inc.” The cooperative was founded in 1907 as when group of dairy farmers in Orange County, New York, united to increase their bargaining power. In the 1920s, when this banner was made, the group’s membership had increased to more than 100,000 farms. This rare banner may have been displayed at Dairymen’s League conventions or meetings. The banner is in mint condition. The apparent fading across the top is actually a reflection in the photograph, as the banner was under glass (est. $150-$200).

Patriotic theme

Cloth banner depicting the Great Seal of the United States, 16 x 24in, 1920s. Estimate: $150-$200. Jasper52 image

Not all Americana originated in the U.S. Potteries in and around Sunderland in northeast England produced lusterware for export to America, sometimes decorated in patriotic themes in the early 19th century. One such example in the Jasper52 auction is a 6-inch-high pitcher decorated with stylized American bald eagles (est. $250-$750).

For pottery made in the U.S., choices include a large Acoma Pueblo pottery olla from the 1920 (est. $750-$850).

Patriotic theme

Acoma Pueblo pottery olla, circa 1920s, 8in high x 10½ diameter. Estimate: $750-$850. Jasper52 image

The Jasper52 Thanksgiving Americana and Folk Art Auction also includes handcrafted tramp art boxes, collectible vintage signage and detailed wooden frames – just a few of the whimsical treasures offered. The auction will begin Thursday, Nov. 26, at 6 p.m. Eastern.


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