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lunar meteorite slice

RR Auction offers lunar meteorite slice April 16

lunar meteorite slice
Northwest Africa 5000 lunar meteorite slice. Estimate: $250,000-$300,000. RR Auction image

BOSTON – RR Auction’s annual spring Space sale features an extraordinary assortment of nearly 700 lots, with online bidding ending Thursday, April 16. Headlining the sale is a rare and highly desirable Northwest Africa 5000 Lunar Meteorite Slice. This is the very first, only, and last time a complete slice from this ultra-desirable lunar meteorite NWA 5000 will be put up for auction from the original source. View the fully illustrated catalog on LiveAuctioneers.

At 702.89 grams, “The Perigee” (above) is also the largest and heaviest belonging to the exclusive group of seven complete slices originating from the record-setting 11,528-gram main mass discovered in 2007. This stunning specimen contains a generous amount of 4.5 billion-year-old gleaming metal, and the 3D-like matrix contrast is striking—presenting breccias within breccias—it actually takes on the appearance of the Moon.

Adam Hupe, Von Hupé Planetary Collection curator, saved the very finest complete slice for last, holding this fusion crusted example back because, in his opinion, it represents the best of the best. Six of the seven slices were sold privately to some of the world’s wealthiest, most discerning meteorite collectors.

Also featured is Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 Personal Preference Kit— used to carry several religious artifacts from the first lunar communion service.

lunar meteorite slice
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s and his Apollo 11 PPK, which was used to carry several items from the first lunar communion service. RR Auction image

The flown Beta cloth is accompanied by an extensive provenance package of visual evidence, signed testimonials, and a history of the Apollo 11 lunar communion service, which is highlighted by a signed letter of provenance from Aldrin, dated Nov. 14, 1998.

“This flown bag carried with it the means to perform the first religious ceremony performed on another celestial body, as the very act of the communion service itself appears almost tantamount to the achievement of Man’s first lunar step,” said Bobby Livingston, executive VP at RR Auction.

Also up is a signed replica chalice that was personally autographed by Buzz Aldrin, in 2011. Aldrin returned the original communion chalice he used on the Moon to Webster Presbyterian Church in Webster, Texas, where he served as an elder. The lot is accompanied by a photo of Aldrin taken at the time of signing.

lunar meteorite slice
Apollo 13 flown microfilm King James ‘Luran Bible.’ RR Auction image

Among other highlights, dozens of significant Apollo and Space Shuttle hardware pieces, a multitude of flown items, and astronaut autographs. A section honoring the 50th anniversary of Apollo 13 includes flown checklist pages, a rare flown lunar Bible, and hardware associated with the near-disastrous mission.

Space & Aviation Auction from RR Auction will conclude on Thursday, April 16. For more information, go to

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