Stephenson’s to host Apr. 3 auction of gold, silver coins

Cased U.S. Mint 1993 Bill of Rights commemorative coins set containing two $5 gold coins, two silver dollars, two silver half-dollars. Estimate $800-$1,200. Stephenson’s Auctions image

SOUTHAMPTON, Pa. – Coins may very well be the ultimate collectible. “They’re small and portable, they have both intrinsic and face value, and they have a long history of positive growth as an investment,” says Cindy Stephenson, owner of Stephenson’s Auctions in suburban Philadelphia.

“Any time we are called upon to visit a residence and evaluate an estate’s contents, we ask if there might be any jewelry or coins. Invariably, there are coins that have been hidden away – sometimes in a safe, but sometimes in less likely places, like a box in a closet or a jar in a kitchen cupboard – and often these items end up being among the estate’s most valuable holdings,” said Stephenson, who will conduct an auction of gold and silver coins on Friday, April 3. There will be no gallery bidding, but absentee and live online bidding will be available through LiveAuctioneers.

All of the coins to be auctioned come from three collections sourced in the metro Philadelphia area. A number of sets are included in addition to the lots comprised of individual coins, most of which are American.

The 101-lot sale opens with a cased U.S. Mint 1993 Bill of Rights commemorative coin set (above). It consists of two $5 gold coins, two silver dollars and two silver half-dollars, and comes with a COA. Estimate: $800-$1,200

Strong interest is expected for three 1-oz gold American Eagles from the years 1986, 1987 (below) and 1988, respectively. Each is a proof gold bullion coin estimated at $1,300-$1,700, and each comes in its beautiful original presentation case.

1987 American Eagle proof gold bullion coin, 1 oz. Estimate $1,300-$1,700. Stephenson’s Auctions image

A desirable 1878 Carson City silver “Trade Dollar” marked “420 grams, 900 Fine” depicts an American Eagle on its obverse and a seated Lady Liberty on the reverse.

1878 Carson City silver ‘Trade Dollar’ marked ‘420 grams, 900 Fine’ depicts an American Eagle on its obverse and a seated Lady Liberty on the reverse. In uncirculated condition, it is expected to sell for $700-$1,400. Stephenson’s Auctions image

In AU (Almost Circulated/About Uncirculated) condition, it could sell in the range of $700-$1,400. Also minted in Carson City, but four years later, an uncirculated 1882 silver dollar is cased and comes with a COA. Its auction estimate is $400-$600.

Uncirculated 1882 Carson City silver dollar, cased, with COA. Estimate $400-$600. Stephenson’s Auctions image

Among the foreign-coin highlights is a 1987 Australian $200 22K gold proof coin. Produced at the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra, it weighs in at 10 grams and comes with its original sleeve, case and accompanying literature. The presale estimate is $600-$900.

1987 Australian $200 22K gold proof coin, 10 grams, original case and paraphernalia. Estimate $600-$900. Stephenson’s Auctions image

A 1922 Lincoln cent, minted in Denver but struck without the distinguishing “D” mark, is poised to return a nice profit on its face value. Its auction estimate is $600-$1,000.

1922 ‘No-D’ Lincoln cent from the U.S. Mint in Denver. Estimate $600-$1,000. Stephenson’s Auctions image

An attractively bound set of “The Official Bicentennial Ingots” contains 63 sterling silver ingots issued by the Bicentennial Council of the Thirteen Original States. Each of the ingots weighs 1.90 ozt. Complete and accompanied by paperwork, the set is entered in the sale with a $1,100-$1,500 estimate.

The Official Bicentennial Ingots set in original binder, contains 63 sterling silver ingots, each weighing 1.90 ozt. Estimate $1,100-$1,500. Stephenson’s Auctions image

There are many other quality coin lots from which to choose, including a 1986 Canadian $100 gold coin, an 1851 British gold half-sovereign, an 1885 gold German 20-mark coin, several large group lots of Mercury dimes, 18th-century English pennies, groups of silver foreign coins from Egypt, India, Ceylon and Latvia; U.S. Constitutional and Congressional coins, Olympic coin sets and much more.

Collection of 300 Mercury dimes. Estimate $200-$350. Stephenson’s Auctions image

Stephenson’s April 3, 2020 Coins Auction will begin at 1 p.m. Eastern time (10 a.m. Pacific time). All bidding will be conducted absentee or live online through LiveAuctioneers. No gallery bidding. Packing and shipping of goods is handled in-house by Stephenson’s, however, an outside shipper, Philadelphia Mailroom, is also available.

For additional information on any lot in the sale, call Cindy Stephenson at 215-322-6182 or e-mail