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World War II-era American flag quilt registered with the Library of Congress, estimated at $1,500-$2,000

Textiles tempt at Jasper52’s Americana Folk Art and Outsider Art sale, Feb. 9

World War II-era American flag quilt registered with the Library of Congress, estimated at $1,500-$2,000
World War II-era American flag quilt registered with the Library of Congress, estimated at $1,500-$2,000

NEW YORK – A remarkable World War II-era American flag quilt, a circa-1900 Crazy Sampler quilt, and an 1832 memorial sampler stitched by an eight-year-old will probably land among the top lots at Jasper52’s Americana, Folk Art, and Outsider Art auction, which will be held Thursday, February 9 at 6 pm Eastern time. The sale is curated by Clifford Wallach, an expert in tramp art, folk art and Americana. Absentee and Internet live bidding will be available through LiveAuctioneers.

The 455-lot sale also features a Majolica punch bowl decorated with sunflowers; a circa-1950 pair of New York City subway strap hangers; a two-color tramp art box, lined in red velvet; a 19th-century keyboard; a framed Lewis Smith drawing of two women wrestling; and a round 1961 Dr Pepper glass-domed thermometer-clock, encouraging customers to imbibe the beverage “hot or cold.”

Additional treasures include an antique seven-color folk art woven basket; a mid-20th-century mahogany boat sign emblazoned with the all-caps phrase “BIG PUTT”; a large industrial cast iron pulley painted in black, blue and dark magenta; a pair of circa-1940s-1950s cast metal bookends, each boasting an image of a mallard duck in flight; a 1930s schoolhouse slate fitted with an abacus; and a Dutch redware plate, dating to 1986, inscribed with a German phrase that translates to: “I cook what I can, what my pig doesn’t eat, my man eats it.”

1832 memorial sampler stitched by eight-year-old S.S. Hayward, estimated at $3,500-$4,000

1832 sampler stitched by eight-year-old S.S. Hayward, estimated at $3,500-$4,000

The first highlight, an 1832 silk on linen needlework sampler by S.S. Hayward, age eight, commemorates the death of four-year-old Jane Hayward of Braintree, Massachusetts. Jane, as well Jane’s father and aunt, likely died of cholera, which ravaged the greater Boston area in 1832. The surnames suggest that S.S. and Jane are related, but it’s not clear exactly how. Hayward’s sampler features a verse that reads, “The warmest heart the brightest eye / the cheek of fairest bloom / must in the vale of darkness lie / and grace the silent tomb.” The sampler carries an estimate of $3,500-$4,000.

The Crazy Sampler quilt is described as “museum-quality” and was created in Ohio between 1890 and 1910. It measures 60 by 60in and has an estimate of $700-$1,000.

Circa-1900 silk Crazy Sampler quilt, estimated at $700-$1,000
Circa-1900 silk Crazy Sampler quilt, estimated at $700-$1,000

The cotton American flag quilt boasts 48 hand-painted, hand-appliqued stars, each assigned to a specific state and listing its name, date of statehood, its state flower and its state motto. The piece dates to 1942 and measures 72 by 98in. The lot notes state: “Included with the quilt is a certified, embossed ‘Certificate of Copyright Registration’ from the Copyright Office at the Library of Congress. It names the maker, ‘Alberta Hulsebus’ of Eugene, Oregon, and the date, ‘August 11, 1942.'” Its estimate is $1,500-$2,000.

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