Thomaston Place Auction to tender coins, currency April 20

Thomaston Place Auction

1850 $20 Liberty Head gold coin. Estimate: $25,000-$27,000. Thomaston Place Auction Galleries image

THOMASTON, Maine – On Saturday, April 20, Thomaston Place Auction Galleries will present a special auction of over 800 lots of rare coins, commemoratives and currency sourced from fine private collections and Maine estates. Absentee and Internet live bidding is available through LiveAuctioneers.

“Items included in this auction were found under beds, in closets, jewelry boxes, safes and safety deposit boxes. For many of the more valuable items, we were encouraged by the families to have them professionally graded. Given the breadth of numismatic material, there will be something to appeal to everyone, from the casual hobbyist to serious collector,” said owner and auctioneer Kaja Veilleux.

Highlighted among the many fine U.S. gold coins will be an 1850 $20 Liberty, a 1915 $20 Saint-Gaudens, a 1909 $10 Liberty Head, and an 1888 Liberty Head $20 gold piece.

There will be a large selection of silver U.S. coins such as a 1796 Draped Bust Small Eagle dollar, a complete set of Washington quarters from 1932 to 1992 with proofs, a 1901-S Barber quarter, and a 1799 draped bust heraldic Eagle dollar.

Thomaston Place Auction

1796 Draped Bust Small Eagle dollar. Estimate: $4,000-$5,000. Thomaston Place Auction Galleries image

Among the large group of commemoratives, the sale will present a 1936 Gettysburg Commemorative, a 1928 Hawaii Commemorative, and a 1922 Grant with Star Commemorative.

Thomaston Place Auction

1936 Gettysburg Commemorative coin. Estimate: $627-$675. Thomaston Place Auction Galleries image

Featured foreign coins will include: a Chile 1791 Ferdinand VI 8 Escudos gold, an 1861 Great Britain error Half Penny, a boxed set of four Saudi 22K gold commemorative tokens to King Faisal, dated 1906-1975, and five proof Malaysia gold coins, four $500 Ringgit and one $200 Ringgit.

Thomaston Place Auction

1751 Chile Ferdinand VI 8 Escudos gold coin. Estimate: $4,000-$6,000. Thomaston Place Auction Galleries image

Among the selection of collectible currency will be a Series 1880 $20 bill with Rosecrans–Huston signature combination, a Series 1882 brown back $5 bill issued by the Medomak National Bank of Waldoboro, and an 1896 $2 silver certificate with Tillman–Morgan signatures.

Thomaston Place Auction

Series 1880 $20 bill, with Rosecrans–Huston signatures. Estimate: $3,000-$5,000. Thomaston Place Auction Galleries image

There will also be many groups of silver dollars, coins assembled in albums, mint and proof sets, gold certificates, Confederate notes and fractional currency.

For details contact Thomaston Place Auction Galleries at 207-354-8141.

The auction will begin Saturday, April 20, at 5 p.m. Eastern time.