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Top photograhers

Top photographers represented in Jasper52 auction Jan. 20

Top photograhers
Steven Meisel, Untitled, photolithograph, 1999, Hong Kong, 8.6 x 6.9in. Estimate: $125-$175. Jasper52 image

NEW YORK – Images created by some of the foremost photographers of the 20th century are offered by Jasper52 in affordable mediums: photogravures and lithographs. The photographers represented in the online auction on Wednesday, Jan. 20, range from Ansel Adams and Diane Arbus to Edward Weston and Francesca Woodman. Bid absentee or live online exclusively through LiveAuctioneers.

Steven Meisel is an American fashion photographer, who obtained popularity and critical acclaim with his work in the U.S. and Italian Vogue magazines and with photographs of his friend Madonna in her 1992 book Sex. His untitled color photograph of two fashion models seated at a table (above) is among a handful of full-color images in the 152-lot auction. The photolithograph is expected to sell for $125-$175.

Another full-color image is a portrait of Pope John Paul II photographed by Yousuf Karsh in 1979 (est. $175-$225). Karsh (Armenia-Canada, 1908-2002) was considered one of the greatest portrait photographers of the 20th century. His subjects include icons of Hollywood, art, literature and politics.

Top photograhers
Yousuf Karsh, ‘Pope John Paul II, 1979,’ photo litho, printed in 1983, Switzerland, 7.5 x 9.7in. Estimate: $175-$225. Jasper52 image

Manuel Álvarez Bravo (1902-2002) was Mexico’s first principal artistic photographer and is the most important figure in 20th-century Latin American photography. He shot The Daughter of the Dancers was in 1997, which is reproduced as a photolithograph (est. $125-$175).

Top photograhers
Manuel Bravo Alvarez, ‘The Daughter of the Dancers,’ photo litho, 1997, Hong Kong, 5 x 7.6in. Estimate: $125-$175. Jasper52 image

Karl Grober’s Jerusalem, Place of the Temple, is one of the older works in the sale, dating to 1925. The image is a sheetfed gravure (est. $90-$140). Born in 1885, Grober became known for his extraordinary body of photos of the architecture, landscape and people of Palestine and Syria.

Top photograhers
Karl Grober, ‘Jerusalem, Place of the Temple,’ sheetfed gravure, 1925, Germany, 6.2 x 8.4in. Estimate: $90-$140. Jasper52 image

Edward Steichen has three works in the auction, one of New York’s George Washington Bridge, a multiple exposure of the Empire State Building and a striking image of matches and matchboxes. Photographed in 1926, the gravure was printed in Switzerland in 1963 (est. $175-$225). Born in Luxembourg, Steichen is best known for his photography in America in collaboration with Alfred Stieglitz and the Pictorialist photo movement. He later became a fashion photographer.

Top photograhers
Edward Steichen, ‘Matches and Match Boxes,’ 1926, sheetfed gravure, 1963, Switzerland, 7.4 x 9.4in. Estimate: $175-$225. Jasper52 image

The Jasper52 Gravure and Photo Litho auction will begin Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 4 p.m. EST.

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