Travel adventures await in Onslows poster auction Nov. 26

poster auction

Attributed to Walter Thomas (1894-1971) ‘Cunard White Star, America this Year! by RMS Queen Mary,’ printed in England, 113in x 56in. Estimate: £10,000-£15,000. Onslows Auctions image

STOURPAINE, UK – Onslows Auctioneers will present a collection of some of the greatest travel and motoring posters of the last century on Thursday, Nov. 26 at 2 p.m. local time, 9 a.m. Eastern. Bid absentee or live online through LiveAuctioneers.

The quality of the posters on offer represents the crème de la crème of the masters of poster design from the golden age of advertising luxury travel, automobiles and aviation. All the great designers are represented with a dazzling display of different posters. Notable is no less than 11 A.M. Cassandre’s including Nord Express, Etoile du Nord, Normandie, L’Oiseau Bleu, Wagon Lits and Fleche d’Argent. The range of estimates for these is £1,500 to £12,000.

The poster pictured above is extraordinary and rare. Because of its large size it is likely to be the only known one to have survived. The poster is not signed but Onslows believes it is most likely to have been designed by Walter Thomas (1894-1971), whose signed posters for Cunard are well documented. It would have been displayed either in the Southampton or New York Ocean Liners terminals. Imagine it in a New York apartment overlooking the Hudson River or in a beach house setting on Long Island. The estimate is £10,000-15,000.

poster auction

Emil Cardinaux (1877-1936) ‘Palace Hotel St. Moritz,’ original poster printed by Wolfsburg Zurich 1920. Estimate: £8,000-£12,000. Onslows Auctions image

The auction will include around 24 skiing posters. Among the selection are posters for the top resorts St. Moritz and Gstaad, with several wonderfully evocative posters by the masterful French travel artist Roger Broders (1883-1953) including Winter Sports Ski and Bobsleigh in the Alps, Bathers at Antibes and Bandol. These are estimated to sell for between £3000 and £12,000.

poster auction

Candido Aragonese de Faria (1849-1911) ‘Cachats Majestic,’ 1910. Estimate £10,000-£15,000. Onslows Auctions image

The British selection of railway posters is desirable in rarity and quality. Take Tom Purvis’ LNER Agencies design Yorkshire Moors or H.G. Gawthorn’s nighttime at the Forth Bridge or the art deco By Night Train to Scotland by Philip Zec, whose posters have made record prices on the rare occasions they come on the market.

poster auction

H.S. Williamson (Harold Sandys 1892-1978) ‘Loading Mails for the Empire: Croydon,’ 1934. Estimate £1,500-£2,000. Onslows Auctions image

The auction is being held in two parts, the first half consists of 250 posters covering product advertising, general post office, bus and coach, shell, travel, airlines and propaganda of the two World Wars. The majority of these are offered for sale without reserve.

poster auction

Geo. Hamel (Georges Hamel, 1900-1972) ‘Motobécane,’ 1929. Estimate £1,500-£2,000. Onslows image

The second part of “The Connoisseur’s Collection” is going to be a landmark offering in the poster collecting world. The collection of 140 posters were assembled over the last 30 years and Onslows considers it to be one of the best collections the company has handled in 25 years of vintage poster auctions. It is likely to be Onslow’s highest-grossing sale of all time.


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