Viking jewelry refurbished for Jasper52 sale April 8  

Viking jewelry

Medieval pilgrim reliquary cross, 7th-10th century, over 1 1/8in high. Estimate: $175-$225. Jasper52 image

NEW YORK – A Jasper52 online auction to be held Wednesday, April 8, has a treasure chest of Viking and medieval jewelry, refurbished and ready to wear. Bidders can vie for sorcerers’ amulets and pendants, Viking warriors’ rings, Crusader’s crosses and more. Dating back to the 8th–15th centuries, these beautiful objects are steeped in history. Bid absentee or live online through LiveAuctioneers.

Among the highlights of this collection is a gleaming silver Byzantine pilgrim cross (above). It was carried by a European pilgrim traveling to the Holy Land where Christ lived and died. The back is recessed for the inclusion of a holy relic. It has been professionally refurbished with the silver overlay restored on a modern sterling silver chain for contemporary wear. Like most of the items offered in the auction, it is gift boxed and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Viking pieces in the auction start with what is described as a protective brooch (below), which when worn in numbers, formed on the surface of a warrior’s jerkin that provided a measure of protection against sword cuts.

Viking jewelry

Viking protective brooch, 9th-11th century, 1 1/8in, professionally refurbished with the silver overlay.Gift boxed with a certificate of authenticity. Estimate: $130-$150. Jasper52 image

In Viking culture the heart stood for bravery, fortitude, loyalty, integrity—all attributes of the warrior. A fine Viking heart pendant in the sale dates to A.D. 900-1050. The pendant, which is nearly 1 1/8 inches high, is in excellent condition and has been refurbished with the 24K gold.

Viking jewelry

Viking heart pendant, A.D. 900-1050, just under 1 1/8in high, professionally refurbished with the 24K gold. Gift boxed with a certificate of authenticity. Estimate: $325-$375. Jasper52 image

Gilded metal beads were highly valued by the Vikings. A large example—over one-half inch in diameter—was unearthed in Danelaw, England, and is offered in the auction.

Viking jewelry

Viking gilt bronze bead, A.D. 866-1067, over one-half-inch in diameter. Estimate: $75-$100. Jasper52 image

Another highlight is a Medieval amulet that is engraved with a pentagram, a design found in many ancient cultures with various mystical contexts.

Viking jewelry

Medieval mystical amulet, circa 1300-1500, just under 5/8in in diameter. Estimate: $200-$250. Jasper52 image

These and 100 more ancient treasures will be sold in the Jasper52 auction on Wednesday, April 8, starting at 7 p.m. Eastern.