Viking, Roman jewelry paired in Jasper52 auction Jan. 31



Viking women’s coil bracelet 9th-10th century, 2 ¾ in inside diameter, gilt bronze, Estimate $600-$800. Jasper52 image

NEW YORK – Ancient Roman and medieval jewelry, including Viking items, comprise a Jasper52 online auction to be held Jan. 31. Two of the many choice pieces are a Viking women’s coil bracelet and a Roman gold earring depicting a sea creature. Absentee and Internet live bidding is available through LiveAuctioneers.

The Viking coil bracelet dates to the ninth or tenth century. It represents an optimal example of the Vikings’ fascination with the helix or coil. The bronze bracelet has been professionally refurbished with its gold overlay restored (est. $600-$800).

Dolphins were both feared and venerated by Romans and highly visible in their mythology. The gold earring has the head of a bottle-nosed dolphin with a scaled body of a sea serpent. It is intricately constructed and finished with a central hinge for application to the pierced ear. Upon rotation the tail snaps into the mouth of the dolphin and locks. This museum-quality relic has a $450-$600 estimate.


Roman gold earring, first-second century, .75 in diameter modeled as a dolphin-headed sea serpent. Estimate: $450-$600. Jasper52 image

Another outstanding Viking item is a men’s gilt bronze shield ring from the ninth or tenth century. This substantial size 11 ½ ring has a large oval bezel with a double banded border. It has been professionally refurbished with the gold overlay restored (est. $560-$750).


Viking shield ring, 9th-10th century, gilt bronze, size 11 ½. Estimate: $560-$750. Jasper52 image

The Roman rota fortunae pendant in the auction dates to the first-fourth century. Yet the concept of the rota fortunae, or wheel of fortune, dates back millennia with the Roman goddess Fortuna capriciously deciding the fate of men with a spin of her wheel, often sweeping them up to unprecedented wealth and prosperity. The pendant measures three-quarter inches in diameter and has been refurbished with the silver overlay restored (est. $440-$590).


Roman rota fortunae, wheel of fortune, pendant, first-fourth century, silvered bronze, .75 in diameter. Estimate: $440-$590. Jasper52 image

Two examples of ancient Roman shell pendants are offered in the auction. Both are gilt bronze and have been professionally refurbished with the gold overlay restored for contemporary wear.


Roman shell pendant, A.D. 100-400, gilt bronze, just under 1 in high tall. Estimate: $195-$260. Jasper52 image

Medievalists will enjoy a women’s ring set with an antique red cabochon. The gilt bronze ring dates to circa 1000-1200 (est. $225-$340).


Women’s ring, A.D. 1000-1200, size 9 ¾, gilt bronze with raised pelleted bezel set with an antique red cabochon. Estimate: $225-$340. Jasper52 image

All of these striking pieces of jewelry are enriched with history as well as beauty.

The auction will be conducted Wednesday, Jan. 31, beginning at 9 p.m. Eastern time.