Vintage guitars yours for the picking in Oct. 16 auction

Vintage guitars

Wolfgang Teller model B15 harp-guitar, Germany, 15 strings, 1990. Estimate: $3,000-$4,000. Jasper52 image

NEW YORK – Violins, mandolins, guitars – both acoustic and electric – and other stringed instruments are offered in an online auction that will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 16, by Jasper52. Many of the nearly three dozen instruments presented were made in Europe in the 20th century. Bid absentee or live online exclusively through LiveAuctioneers.

The auction will start off with a professional harp guitar (above) made in Germany by the master luthier Wolfgang Teller in 1990. The 15-string instrument has two necks and despite some small signs of wear, remains in very good condition. It is expected to sell for $3,000-$4,000.

Also from Germany is a rare six-string guitar luth (below) – an ancestor of the guitar – made around 1960. With beautiful decoration on its head and hole, the instrument is in good condition. It has a beautiful sound and is easy to play (est. $600-$700).

Vintage guitars

Six-string guitar-luth made in Markneukirchen, Germany (where C.F. Martin was born). Estimate: $600-$700. Jasper52 image

Made in Sweden is 1958 is a Levin Model 115 Grand Concert acoustic guitar that produces beautiful harmonics. The guitar has a spruce top, mahogany back and sides and an unbound rosewood fingerboard. Traces of wear are noted but the instrument is perfect for playing (est. $800-$900).

Vintage guitars

Levin Model 115 Acoustic Grand Concert guitar, Made in Sweden in 1958. Estimate: $800-$900. Jasper52 image

Switching to electric, the auction offers two notable solid-body guitars from the 1960s. The first is a Fenton-Weill guitar that was made in England in 1961. Henry Weill was an electronic engineer who partnered with Fenton to make guitars in the ’60s. The guitar has a solid mahogany body with a mahogany neck (est. $1,300-$1,500).

Vintage guitars

Fenton-Weill solid-body guitar, made in England in 1961. Estimate: $1,300-$1,500. Jasper52 image

The other solid-body electric is a Hsin Mi by Kawai made in Korea in the spirit of the ’60s Japanese guitars and distributed only to the Netherlands. The guitar has some issues (in the paint) due to its age but is still in good playing condition (est. $800-$900).

Vintage guitars

Kawai Hsin Mi solid body guitar, made in Korea in the late 1960s, distributed only in the Netherlands. Estimate: $800-$900. Jasper52 image


The Jasper52 auction of vintage guitars will be conducted Wednesday, Oct. 16, beginning at 6 p.m. Eastern Time.