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Tiffany lamps: American classics

Tiffany lamps are magical artifacts in the collecting world. Illuminate one, and all the creative passion that went into its conception electrifies the viewer today. “Tiffany is something that is so extraordinary in its beauty and its value – it will always be very popular. Whenever there is a downturn in the market, it comes […]

Meissen: First porcelain in Europe

  The Royal Saxon Porcelain Works in Meissen, Saxony (Germany) opened in 1710. Whether Johann Friedrich Böttger, its first director, deserves credit for being the first European to develop the formula for hard paste porcelain – long known in China – is open to debate. Certainly the Meissen factory was the first to produce porcelain […]

Authenticating Fornasetti a challenge best left to experts

  MILAN, Italy – Italian artist and designer Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988) was born in Milan, a city that has produced many gifted designers. While studying painting and traveling to Africa, Fornasetti absorbed many influences, from classic to surrealism and exhibited a fondness for vivid colors. His early paintings were scenes on silk scarves, which he […]

Best Tweets @LiveAuctioneers in August

The last unofficial month of summer is now behind us and it was filled with sun, heat, ice cream, and of course, good finds on LiveAuctioneers. Before we get too comfortable with September, let’s take a moment to reflect back on this past eventful month of August. From a uniquely rare baseball card to the closing of […]

Vintage Lawn Sprinklers: The Best Way to Cool Down This Summer?

Throughout this summer of record heat, we’ve had to get creative about how to keep cool. Running through the garden sprinkler is one of our favorite pastimes and brings back the best childhood memories. These days, the garden sprinkler has moved from the tool shed to the collectors cabinet. Like many other products of late 19th- and early 20th-century […]

Go vintage! 10 fabulous upgrades for your garden

Spring has finally arrived, and to gardeners everywhere, it’s a time for new beginnings. Whether it’s a simple cottage garden with a few pampered flower beds or a grand English manor house with topiary and elaborate mazes, any home can be enhanced by a decorative addition or two. The best place to look for vintage […]