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Geppi’s Pop Culture Museum Marks 10th Anniversary, French Auction Workers Convicted in Scam, and More Fresh News

Revelers put their game faces on for Zombie Gras 2015 held at Geppi's Entertainment Museum. Image courtesy GEM
There’s always some sort of fun brewing at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, or ‘GEM.’ In this shot, revelers put on their game faces for Zombie Gras 2015 held at the museum. Image courtesy of GEM


News and updates from around the arts and auction community:

  • Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, or ‘GEM,’ as it’s better known, is celebrating its 10th anniversary today. Packed with pop culture treasures, it’s the coolest place in Baltimore. [Read more from Scoop]
  • A Paris court has convicted and sentenced auctioneers and auction house workers who perpetrated a major art-theft scam. The stolen loot was stored in containers that weighed an estimated 250 metric tons. [Read more from Associated Press]
  • A woman in England made a 7500% profit on a piece she found in an antique shop. Can you guess what her underpriced discovery might have been? [Read more from Britain’s Mirror]
  • In an attempt to stop the turnover of stolen goods in New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie has signed into law a bill that tracks jewelry, precious metals and other valuables offered sold through pawn shops, antique dealers and scrapyards. [Read more from]

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